Photos by Nicolette Skidmore

On The Mat: Zuda Yoga

While we may not classify ourselves as yogis, we do like to make our way to the yoga studio a few times a week. The practice and art of yoga is truly beautiful. To us, it’s much more than a workout; it’s a practice and a place to calm our minds and bodies. As psychologist and yoga instructor Rachel Allyn Ph.D. says, “Yoga means unity—it’s really about connecting all of the different parts of your body with your mind and spirit.” There is nothing like closing your eyes and letting your body melt on a mat after a long workday. All it takes is a deep inhale and a slow and steady exhale. And just like that, the mind calms, the body moves effortlessly, and we flow.

With all of that said, Zuda Yoga is one of our favorite Midtown studios. Nestled on the corner of O & 19th, the yoga room presents a large open space with windows that allow natural light to fill the room. Whether you are attending classes in the morning, afternoon, or evening, Zuda offers a variety of class times. And if you don’t have easy access to Midtown, they have two other studios in Roseville and Folsom.One thing we love at Zuda is that classes change day-by-day, hour-by-hour. It’s not a set flow that is written and performed the exact same way by every instructor all day long. Classes change based on the instructor, the class time, and the length of each session. Classes also range from 30-minute Morning Meditations to two-hour Mysore-style Ashtanga sessions (for the advanced yogi), while Zuda’s daily schedule includes Power Vinyasa Basics (Level 1), Power Vinyasa All Levels (signature class), and Yin Yoga.

The Power Vinyasa Basics Class is great for people just starting their yoga practice. It’s a slower-paced class where poses are held for 5+ breaths. If you’re a beginner, or new to Zuda, we recommend starting here!

The Power Vinyasa All Levels Class is the signature class held at Zuda, and it just so happens to be our all-time favorite. It’s a “vigorous, dynamic, flow-based yoga where variance and creativity are the norm.”

The Yin Yoga class is unlike any other. It’s practiced in a non-heated room and its focus is on being still and quiet. Poses are held for extended periods, allowing the body’s connective tissues to lengthen. If you are looking for a class to sit and stretch, Yin Yoga is for you! We also recommend this class to the fitness enthusiasts who need to take a little extra time to care for their bodies.

We feel so fortunate that owner and yoga extraordinaire Anne Marie Kramer (AMK) welcomed us into her studio with open arms. She made us feel comfortable, unafraid, and beyond relaxed. She also helped correct our posture while we held poses and led us through an incredible Power Vinyasa All Levels Class. This class not only pushed our limits, but it also made us feel invincible.

After spending 75-minutes on our mats, listening to the sound of our own breaths, and moving to the rhythm of the music, we realized that our bodies were capable of doing some pretty incredible things.

Zuda’s goal is to “help you connect to your personal vision of your fullest life—transforming your personal power into positive change and action.” We feel lucky to have such an amazing yoga studio right here in our own midtown backyard!

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