Photo: Kyle Meck

Sitting Down with Zealyn

Does she look familiar?
You might remember her by name, Angela Kristine “Angie” Miller. She came in third place on the twelfth season of American Idol in 2013. We are pretty lucky we have a number of music venues that cater to this need. One of these artists we should all be on the look out for is Zealyn.

CS: How old were you when you realized your love of music?

Z: I’m not sure of an exact age because I have been singing for as long as I can remember. But I know that starting at a very young age I would put on “concerts” for my parents and sing and dance all around the living room.

CS: What was the name Zealyn inspired by? 

Z: Honestly, I just love the name. It’s a very weird thing thinking of a stage name to sort of “replace” your own name. When I thought of Zealyn it was the only name that actually felt natural to call myself.

CS: How would you describe your music? 

Z: I consider my music is a bridge between digital and organic. I love experimenting with samples, synths, weird sounds, etc. but when it comes to a live set up I need the real drums, live bassist, and guitarist, etc. Sometimes my songs feel like an honest conversation often questioning things.

CS: Where would you perform as a kid?

Z: I never really pursued music seriously till I was out of high school. But I was a part of high school musicals and was always singing and playing the piano. I only ever played two shows before I went and tried out for a reality TV show at age 18.

CS: You were young when you performed music on a reality TV show, do you think this helped you decide artistically the music you wanted to create today?

Z: In a way, it did help me decide what music I wanted to create today because that whole experience taught me exactly who I do not want to be as an artist and business woman. It helped me grow up fast, learn how harsh the music industry can be, and realize there are a lot of shady people. Now, because of it, It’s easy for me to pick out who is interested in me for the wrong reasons.  

CS: Would you say your music is inspired by your personal life, or from observation? 

Z: My music at the moment is 100% inspired by my personal life experiences. I write a lot about my emotions and thoughts from different situations throughout my life.

CS: If you could do a duet with any artist who would you chose?

Z: I think it’d be pretty cool to do a duet with Bon Iver. Mostly because I think he’s incredibly innovative and just would love to even be included in the same sentence as him.

CS: We want to see you in Sacramento again, could that be in the future?

Z: Absolutely! This is my first national tour, and I hope to be touring for many years to come. I will definitely be in Sacramento again.

CS: We noticed more artists are coming through Sacramento now. Has there been a shift of interest for new artists to come through Sacramento now? 

Z: I haven’t visited Sacramento much, but from the outside looking in it seems like it is becoming one of the staple markets for artists to hit on tour.

CS: Where can we buy your music and keep up with your tour dates?

Z: My music is available on all the usual platforms (Spotify / iTunes / SoundCloud), and you can keep up with me and my tour dates on all socials. Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Some of our favorites: 

CS: What’s next? 

Z: I will most likely be releasing another single or two this year, along with more touring! Part 2 of the tour will be in September and October bringing me to the East Coast and Mid-West. I’m excited for the ride.