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No one can deny that 2016 has been a brutal year for humanity. We won’t go into the details and risk depressing you all further. Instead, we’d like to focus on the good and channel that spirit into the next year. As we count down the hours to 2017, we thought we’d look back at some of our fonder memories from the year some are calling the worst in history.

1. Art Hotel | The time we partnered up with M5 Arts to document a 10-day transdisciplinary art experience where artists from around the world filled the old Jade Hotel with a pop-up gallery.1602045_arthotel_0085 1602045_arthotel_0010

2. Biking to Winters | The time we rode out to Winters to grab a brew from Berryessa Brewing and grub at Preserve Public House.2015-12-16-winters-cycling-jose-272015-12-16-winters-cycling-jose-2

3. The Brunch Beat | We brunched hard this year. So hard, in fact, that we launched a brunch series to chronicle our explorations including Hot Italian, Magpie, Hook & Ladder and 58 Degrees with more to come in 2017.alina-tyulyu-5-29-58-degrees-brunch-alina-24 hookandladder_0010

4. A Look Inside Temple Coffee’s Newest Location | The time Temple Coffee opened their most ambitious location and we threw them a preview party. The best parties are coffee parties.img_96822 temple-details-21

5. El Rey Preview Dinner | The time we previewed the new El Rey’s menu in the middle of a construction zone on the mostly abandoned 700 block on K.160218_elrey_0065 160218_elrey_0083

6. The Bright Underbelly | The time LC Studio Tutto painted the underbelly of the freeway with a 70,000 square foot, forest canopy inspired mural and we couldn’t help but document our favorite creatures.march13-brightunderbelly-751 march13-brightunderbelly-85

7. Neighborhoods | The time we explored some Sacramento neighborhoods (Southside and East Sacramento) with locals Vanessa and Sara Muir. More neighborhood explorations coming soon!southside01_0031 alina-tyulyu-6-30-neighborhhod-shoot-alina-97_1

8. Sunday Serenade | The time we teamed up with James Cavern for a very special music video series that highlights favorite Sacramento spots including Bottle and Barlow, WAL Public Market, Art Hotel and more.1602045_arthotel_0004 ff_0022

9. Ruhstaller: Blues for a Golden State Favorite | The time a Sacramento favorite was forced to close after a long battle with the county and we sat down with the owner, J-E Paino, to get the story.img_0002img_0043

10. Best Burgers in Sacramento | The time Rodney of Burger Junkies hunted down the 10 best burgers in Sacramento. To cut down on burger overload, we split this adventure into Part I and Part II10-16-city-scout-sacramento-lowbrau-burger-7410-16-city-scout-sacramento-brasserie-capitale-55

11. Introducing Dissect Podcast | The time Cole Cuchna shared the idea for a brilliant podcast with us and we justs couldn’t stay away. Same podcast you’ll find on the iTunes Best of 2016 list. DSC06972u-kendrick-lamar-2

12. Happy Hour Guide: Magpie | The time we casually walked into Magpie for a happy hour feature and were met with the greatest snacks ‘n drinks spread in all the land.Nicole Wallace - 2016-8-1.Magpie-Happy-Hour.-019- Nicole Wallace - 2016-8-1.Magpie-Happy-Hour.-041-

13. DIY Summer Cocktails with Sacramento’s Baron Stelling | The time Baron Stelling of Paragary’s dropped some cocktail knowledge and shared some summer recipes with us and all of you. Thanks Baron!nicole-wallace-2016-7-25-paragarys-summer-cocktails-053 nicole-wallace-2016-7-25-paragarys-summer-cocktails-066

14. Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Integrity: A Response | The time the Sacramento Bee put out an article questioning the integrity of Sacramento’s Farm to Fork identity and we had some thoughts._rdv9259 _rdv9399

15. What We Missed at the Kanye West Sacramento Concert | The time Kanye came to Sacramento, was an hour last to this own show, sang two songs, delivered a rant and then walked off stage. Our friend, Cole, was there are told us all about it.

16. Best Happy Hours in Sacramento | The time we scouted the town and put together a list of all the best happy hour destinations to get you through your week.img_0017 img_2230

So yes, it was a rough year. Bike rides and burgers will not change the detrimental effects of 2016. Still, we enjoyed looking back at some of our favorite moments this year. On to the next!

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