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City Scout is starting a new series called: Life. We’ll be photographing a Sacramentan every week. From musicians and chefs, to city politicians, we will show you the lives of the folks who are influencing our city. We start with Xochitl (So-chee). The young, talented musician/song writer who just released her EP: “Lion Heart” on iTunes. We followed her recently as she played various shows, went to the studio, and even played live on Good Day Sacramento. Here’s her week…

“I’m stoked to be part of this new City Scout project. I think it’s a great way to show a day in the life to anyone who is curious. I’m born & raised in Sacramento, 80% of my family still lives here. I went to multiple elementary schools and Christian Brothers high school. After high school, like most people, I wasn’t sure what career path to take so I took the City College route. I signed up for the typical math and english classes and I really, really hated it. I knew I was passionate about music all along and knew I was wasting my time. A year later I decided to take the leap, I left the traditional college plans and pursued music exclusively. From that point on my life revolved around music. I took choir and improv classes at city college and loved it. I built my voice and developed the courage to play my first open mic night at the Coffee Garden. I instantly became addicted to the high of loving what I do and being happy all the time. I juggled working at Chocolate Fish, Masullo, and nannying, along with playing music.  After months of that I was given the opportunity to travel the east coast for six months so I gave me two weeks notice and took off. The rest is history.”

Playing Live: March 6, 2015 | Federliast Public House

“Here is what I do best. I’ve been playing open mics for 4 years and shows for about 2 years now. I am no longer nervous. I stay away from covers not to be “different” or “unique” but I honestly have the hardest time remembering lyrics! I mess up almost every time. It is so much fun to see reactions and I love when people come up to me after to chat about music. Playing live and meeting new people in different places is my favorite thing in the world. I’ve traveled the east coast and the entire west coast with my guitar. How cool is that?”Photos: Andre Elliott DSC_8548Studio: March 7, 2015

​“My day is half way done here. The studio is my least favorite part of making music, I’m not a perfectionist. Recording my album “Lion Heart” was so much fun but also a lot of work. I brought in my good friend Casey Groat and he saved the day by adding bass lines & cajon at the last minute. I am so proud of what has come out of the studio and I’m excited for people to listen and review the album. But through the laughs, the anxiety and millions of takes… it’s finished. Growing pains at their finest. Magic coming your way.”DSC_8569DSC_8574DSC_8633DSC_8635Good Day Sacramento: March 8, 2015

​Waking up at 7 a.m. is rough for plenty of people but even harder for a musician on musician time. I normally get home around 1 a.m. from playing a show and wake up around 9 a.m. This morning I got out of bed and was immediately nervous. I’m comfortable on stage but TV? Not my thing. I’m not used to three cameras in my face. I got out of bed, ate my eggs & toast, hair & makeup, wardrobe, packed up the instruments and I got to Good Day Sacramento. I brought my best friends Erika Christine (she made my website and takes my photos – she’s incredible) and Casey Groat (he produced and played percussion and bass on my album and is also my favorite writing partner). They calmed me down and they made the day 100% fun instead of stressful. Everything went great.DSC_8677DSC_8735DSC_8739DSC_8688Have someone in mind for our new series? Let us know in the comments!


Photos | Andre Elliott