Nicolette Skidmore

Wide Open Walls: Bryan Valenzuela

If a person’s hands offer a key to understanding their story, then Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls offers locals and art lovers alike a chance to see what our city’s story is all about. Such is the case for local artist Bryan Valenzuela, (more of his work: here) whose mural depicts a fissure in culture and a literal tug of war.

Two pairs of hands pull at a fraying rope, wearing it down to its last threads. Within the hands, he’s painstakingly written lines of text, a marker of Jean Michel Basquait’s influence. He describes these words as “aspirational and coming from a positive frame of mind.” He hopes the mural creates and opens up a place for discussion within the community. Keeping true to this message, Bryan is excited for all of the murals and sees the festival—and his artwork—as pieces for humanity at large. 

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