Susan Yee

What to Wear to Music Festivals

TBD Fest is a 3-day music festival located on the River Walk in West Sacramento. Originally called “Launch,” TBD fest was created in 2008 by founder, Michael Hargis, as a “one day art party” used to showcase the creative community of Sacramento. Each year, the festival introduces its audience to an abundance of local and non-local musicians, artists, fashion designers, and other influential creatives. Making its name as a “boutique festival,” TBD Fest is constantly seeking new ways to embrace and cultivate the creative community of Sacramento.

A lot like Sacramento, TBD Fest is a large supporter of local shops and boutiques. Taking place September 18, 19, and 20th, the festival is rapidly approaching and many of us have realized that our closets full of clothes are, well, a little uninspiring. In the spirit of creativity, we have teamed up with some of Sacramento’s trendiest fashion bloggers to curate an inspirational guide of what to wear to TBD Fest. Don’t worry about going to the mall, because we have picked our looks from 5 of our very own Midtown boutiques.


Freestyle Clothing Exchange is like my gift from the universe because they have a huge variety of clothing and accessories ranging from vintage to brand new. Therefore no matter what the occasion, style, or weather constraints, Freestyle is guaranteed to have some unique finds for you. Freestyle even supports the art community of Sacramento by featuring pieces made by local designers and artists, much like the arrowhead ring artist and employee, Sarah Phillips crafted was featured in the shoot. Not to mention, everybody who works there has impeccable taste; so if you need a lending hand, you have a slew of stylists at your fingertips. If you want this stylist’s advice, however, I say don’t take fashion too seriously and just have fun with your look. Don’t think twice about what other people would say; if you like how it looks then it’s exactly as it should be. Figure out what your basic pieces are, because they will vary from person to person, then get your butt over to Freestyle to snag your unique statement pieces to add a little flare to every look.


Emily BonsignoreRIRE

RIRE is a great place for finding those classic wardrobe staples and making them your own. This muscle tank is the perfect canvas for layers of unique and cool accessories, with the open back giving a nice touch of skin. Black high-waisted skinnies are not only a closet necessity, but a foolproof pant for dancing all day at any festival. Wrap a jacket around your waist to slip on when the sun goes down and you are totally ready.

Samantha Furno of Style Infurno | OLD GOLD

My outfit is inspired by ultimate music lover babe “penny lane” from the movie Almost Famous. Colorful lace up top with a deep maroon velvet skirt, brown knee high lace up boots and a macrame purse. It has a 70s vibe and funky textures and prints that are perfect for festival attire.

Vanessa Labi of BabesicleDEEDA

When I go to a multi-day festival, I find myself playing up the whole festival fashion angle for one or two days, and going completely easy and caszh for the other. I wanted to show the latter, how you could wear the most comfortable, basic pieces – shorts and a tee – and still look and feel the part. I chose to wear Supply x Deeda, the small-but-adorable shop within Deeda Salon, because the buyers there curate the inventory with on-trend, energetic pieces and brands like Mink Pink and Someday’s Lovin’. 

I’ve been loving the seventies trend lately, so I immediately gravitated toward this cheeky graphic tee and dramatic Penny Lane-esque coat. I anchored the look with my own high waisted black shorts and a pair of soft, comfy desert boots that will stand up to the festival dust. I love bucket bags. I scooped this cognac one at Deeda because it’s buttery and pretty, but durable enough for a festival. 

Grab these pieces at Deeda for a comfy look that will still get you noticed. Or, to style a similar ensemble on your own, wear a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a crochet top or seventies-style printed (paisley perhaps) swingy tank, and a pair of neutral-toned boots. I’m sure you could find a similar style of jacket at a thrift store. Whatever you wear, make sure you can get loose and dance in it!

Haley Titus of Colour Me ClassicCUFFS

For my music festival look, I went with a utilitarian feel. I chose a denim a-line button down skirt to ring in the ever popular 70’s style. The white, off the shoulder crop top will keep you cool throughout the day. I tied a green jacket around my waist for when those cool fall breezes settle in at night. Since you’ll be outdoors all day, a hat will come in handy to block out those intense sun rays. I paired tube socks with a black flat bootie to keep my toes from all the dirt. For jewelry, I went with a simple body chain so I wouldn’t have to deal with a necklace getting in the way of my sweet dance moves.

Now that we have thoroughly inspired you to go find your perfect music festival look, you no longer have a reason to procrastinate. Don’t get caught being that friend who has to borrow that shirt for the nineteenth time. You’re probably going to want to look as badass as you’ll feel walking through those festival gates!

Whether you’re from the Sacramento area or not, we recommend you make a day of shopping the grid to its full potential and stop by one (or all) of these 5 boutiques! What better way to contribute to the essence of the party than by expressing your true personality and gaining infinite cool points for shopping local. 

Photos | Susan Yee