Andre Elliott

What is PORTAL?

Maybe you saw it in the Sacramento Bee or on Instagram, or maybe you heard someone talking about a “portal” coming to Sacramento. There is a lot of anticipation and many questions circling the arrival of Sacramento’s latest art installation. We are shedding some light on those questions today. But mostly, trust us, you have to experience PORTAL to really understand why it is so important. And rad.

We’ll just leave a few thoughts here: sidewalk yoga, new favorite lunch spot, movie night, silent disco. We’ll let the creators explain the details but, we’re already sold.PORTAL is an installation that is 12-feet tall and occupies an 8-foot by 8-foot area on the sidewalk of R street. It is an urban design initiative to activation dormant spaces within Sacramento’s urban fabric. – Kimberly Garza

Tre Borden, Project Manager of PORTAL, and Kimberly Garza, Designer of PORTAL, standing in the structure. The point of installations like PORTAL is really to bring the community together. So we’re doing that by not only putting a really compelling structure in a place that people aren’t used to going but we’re also offering all types of events that people can engage with. There is really going to be something for everyone in our community to take a part in this. – Tre Borden PORTAL really inspires local designers to get involved to say how can we think about this in a new way and how can we bring life that’s reflective of the community. -Kimberly Garza During this month-long activation, we’re going to be getting feedback from the community on what we want these projects to look like and then relaying that directly to developers and policymakers. That’s how we are really trying to fit into this narrative of change.  – Tre Borden PORTAL comes to R Street between 17th and 18th Streets this Friday, August 21st at 5:00 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

Photos | Andre Elliott