Sandra Kordazakis

Top 5 Local Memberships

It’s this time of year when I start looking around for a few fresh places in town to take my kids. I have been on a MISSION to seek out what Sacramento has to offer families. I am happy to announce that, so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what’s available for our adorable Sacramento kids! Within our first week of arrival, we were members at 3 different places, and since then we have been to each spot enough times to make our membership totally worth it. My basic requirements for buying a membership are:

  1. it’s FUN
  2. an opportunity to be creative
  3. a space to harness all that energy and turn it into something useful – even if it’s just a catalyst for an epic nap later
  4. it engages their incredible, blossoming brains.

I mean, I can’t be expected to create that special experience every single day, right?

So, we scouted and tested some of the greatest spots in Sacramento and came up with our top 5 favorite memberships:


What’s awesome: Uninterrupted art and evolving creative play space! There is even a drop off art program for kids starting at age 3. Your kids can literally paint on the walls here. Enough said.

What’s unique: It’s like a live, in-action flash mob of Pinterest crafts and sensory activities, but way cooler. Trust us. Oh, and there’s free coffee.

Cost: $48 a month for a family pass with an annual contract, $38 a month with an annual contract for 1 kid and 1 adult, 10 Admission punch cards start at $65, or drop in rates are available as well.


What’s awesome: It’s small. Seriously though, I think that is what makes this zoo pretty special. It’s not overwhelming; there is a sweet carousel that actually plays decent music. It’s a very active zoo with opportunity for animal encounters outside of the regularly occurring exhibits. The conservation element here is very accessible for kids, we love choosing a conservation project to support their conservation coins!

What’s unique: All the incredible birds! The reptile house! The Red Panda!

Cost: Family Pack membership is $135 or Duo Memberships are $75.


What’s awesome: A big city Art Museum with a smaller town accessibility. A perfect space to explore diverse and rotating art. The family and kids program is innovative and engaging for an array of ages.

What’s unique: It is a beautiful space, with bright light and a very modern aesthetic. Got houseguests with kids? Tired of the revolving playground stops and messy brunches with loud kids? This is a great place to bring out-of-towners. Crocker will make you proud of your city.

Cost: Adults are $10, Children 6 and under are free! Registering for workshops and family programs do have some costs, but not all. Every third Sunday of the month is “Pay What You Wish Sunday.” Family memberships are $85 per year.


What’s awesome: It’s a labyrinth of outdoor play inspired by Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. There’s a playground, two performing art stages, a petting zoo, a veggie garden your little ones can water on their own, a pirate ship, and a super fast slide at Winnie The Pooh’s very own Owl’s house.

What’s unique: The cost is so reasonable and there are several tiers of membership options. It sits right on William Land Park’s beautiful duck pond and ornamental rock garden. The perfect place to take the kids to feed the ducks and explore cool plants.

Cost: Basic membership starts at $45!


What’s awesome: Hands down it’s The Dinger’s Kids Club that won me (and my 6 years old) over. It is all very official for a kid to have a membership card, letters from Dinger himself, a Kids Club T-shirt, an opportunity for kids to run the bases, PLUS tickets to every Sunday game on the Toyota Homerun Hill.

What’s unique: Raley Field is a sweet stadium. It’s totally accessible to little kids, has great vibes, and is an epic place to watch a great baseball game.

Cost: Each child is only $15!