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“What are men to rock and mountains? Oh! What hours of transport we shall spend!”

– Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

One oft mentioned advantage to living in Sacramento is its proximity to other noteworthy destinations. We can hit the beach or the mountains and be home the same day – not bad for the frequent wanderer. Last weekend, my family crossed the Sierras, seemingly traversed all four seasons, and went 150 years back in time. While the majestic glory of Yosemite always awes me into acute awareness of my own significance, the dilapidated beauty of Bodie illustrates human fragility, creating a stark contrast to the rugged land. The whole trip was punctuated with remarkable window views of mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, incredible rock formations, and of course, lonely highways.TML (1)TML (2)TML (3)TML (4)TML (5)TML (6)TML (7)TML (8)TML (9)TML (10)TML (11)TML (12)TML (13)TML (14)TML (15)TML (16)TML (17)TML (18)


Photos | Stacy Antonopoulos

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