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The Sacramento Ballet‘s Snap Shots opened to a sold-out audience on Friday, Oct. 9. The performance marked the first show of their 61st season and the last one performed in-studio.

Snap Shots chronicles Ron Cunningham’s career with excerpts from the numerous ballets he created and staged for the Sacramento Ballet over the years. Additionally, famous choreographer Darrell Grand Moultrie choreographed personalized solos for Sacramento Ballet dancers that fit together into a modern ballet with spoken word. The Sacramento Ballet invited us behind the curtain of their last show performed in-studio.

Snap Shots runs through Oct. 24 with two showtimes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On Wednesday, Oct. 21, there will be an alcohol-free showing at 6 p.m. on behalf of Sacramento Ballet students.

General Admission tickets are $57. For showtimes and links to tickets visit our Things to Do calendarsacballetsnapshots_0007sacballetsnapshots_0009sacballetsnapshots_0013sacballetsnapshots_0016sacballetsnapshots_0018sacballetsnapshots_0019sacballetsnapshots_0022sacballetsnapshots_0023sacballetsnapshots_0025sacballetsnapshots_0026sacballetsnapshots_0028sacballetsnapshots_0029sacballetsnapshots_0030  sacballetsnapshots_0037sacballetsnapshots_0035sacballetsnapshots_0038sacballetsnapshots_0039sacballetsnapshots_0041sacballetsnapshots_0046sacballetsnapshots_0045sacballetsnapshots_0044sacballetsnapshots_0049sacballetsnapshots_0052sacballetsnapshots_0051sacballetsnapshots_0054sacballetsnapshots_0055sacballetsnapshots_0020Photos | Susan Yee