The Bright Underbelly

Trips to the Sunday Farmers Market are forever changed thanks to the completion of the Bright Underbelly project. The 70,000 square foot, forest canopy inspired mural is the result of two years of planning by artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel of LC Studio Tutto with Project Manager, Tre Borden. The mural pays a unique homage to the City of Trees with the shape of branches and leaves made out of the negative space of the concrete. The piece is divided into four seasons and brought together by an arching lunar eclipse. As you stroll through the seasons, owls come out to play, birds fly south for the winter and petals fall from trees. The 25 species that can be found in the piece are forever resting in the season that you’d likely find them in.

Tre hopes that this project not only adds to the experience of existing events held under the freeway, but also inspire new events and gatherings in the otherwise odd location. Leading by example, the trio joined forces with Kaiser Permanente and Mulvaney’s B&L to host “Spring Awakening:” a pop-up dinner under the magical blue mural that seeks to be a yearly affair to compliment the Farm to Fork Gala held on Tower Bridge. Guests enjoyed a special menu prepared by Chef Patrick Mulvaney inspired by the four seasons and New Helvetia’s limited Bright Underbelly IPA.

The Bright Underbelly is a comforting symbol of nature’s overarching presence despite urbanization, and will surely come to be known as a landmark in the Sacramento community. See it for yourself at the W-X freeway 6th and 8th streets in Downtown Sacramento. March13.BrightUnderbelly.-74 March13.BrightUnderbelly.-75March13.BrightUnderbelly.-85 March13.BrightUnderbelly.-82

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Photos | Irene Chung