A Look Inside Temple Coffee’s Newest Location

Pretty soon, the hunt for good vibes and even better coffee will be easier than ever. Temple Coffee Roasters has been offering sneak peaks into their newest and most ambitious location on Snapchat and Instagram, but they will be officially unlocking the doors at 2200 K Street for everyone’s viewing and sipping pleasure on March 26th at 6:00am. Temple Details 3 IMG_8288When passing by the large windows on 22nd & K, it’s hard to ignore the copper penny tile that stretches from corner to corner of their flagship café’s floor. The newest endeavor is a meeting of old and new that pays homage to Temple’s origins and how far the brand has grown in the past ten years. Cole Cuchna, the Director of Education at Temple Coffee, says that their 22nd & K location will feature bicycle installations, vintage motorcycles, and sculptures from local artists. Coupled with various types of seating, like a standing bar, an enormous community table, comfortable couches, and ample patio space, Cuchna says the location was designed as though it were a home instead of a café to keep the good vibes rolling.

Hot on the heels of their wildly successful Davis location, Temple’s newest digs will feature some unique gems that, until now, have only been available off the grid: Kyoto-style cold brew, nitrogen-infused cascara tea, and Seraphim single-cup brewing. However, Temple will also be partnering with Sugar Mama’s Bakery to offer unique desserts.  The confections are going to be decadent offerings paired with specific coffees to create an unparalleled experience that is perfect for sharing. IMG_8303But what about the old favorites? Never fear: the classics are still going to be here. With the prime, central location, Temple has upped the ante and baristas will be slinging mochas and cappuccinos with the same attention to detail and service on not one but two La Marzocco espresso machines.

Stop by and take a peek to see what is in store for Sacramento’s coffee scene, but be sure to carve some time out of your Saturday routine on March 26th to experience Temple’s flagship location in full. And, of course, stay up to date on all Temple news by following them on Instagram. We’ll see you out there bright and early Saturday morning. First 60 guests receive a free coffee mug!

Photos | Alina Tyulyu