Sunday Serenade Episode 1: Bottle & Barlow ft. Rebecca Peters

Sunday Serenade has been an idea for well over a year, and I am so happy the right team is in place to present it to you now at the top of the year…

With so much growth and change happening in Sacramento, I wanted to remind people of some establishments (new and old) around town that add to this thriving scene. I have lived in Sacramento for over four years pursuing music so I figured the best vehicle to deliver this message for me was music. I have fallen in love with this city, and although I have been lucky enough to tour and travel all over the country, this is home. 

Each episode will feature local and national artists performing pop up shows at some of the city’s most celebrated locations. New episodes will come out the last Sunday of every month. Sundays are typically a day of rest, relaxation, and recharge which is what I hope these videos will aid in. 

It’s an honor to have City Scout be part of this new venture, and I believe they help represent the change and movement this city is heading towards. Produced by Rebellious Reflection, we hope these videos are the perfect welcome and guide to Sacramento. 

Featured in Episode 1 we have local singer/songwriter Rebecca Peters. With deep soulful vocals and a charming sincere delivery, she is definitely an artist to watch in the upcoming year.