Slow Street Food and a Vegan Challenge at Nido Sacramento

With the colder, grayer days upon us, we look forward to hunkering down, watching spooky movies and of course, indulging in comfort food. I stopped by Nido on R st. to check out some of their newer menu items and their special vegan menu that they rolled out for the Vegan Chef Challenge.

I should start by saying I think many people don’t know the difference between Nido and their sister restaurant, Magpie. In fact, I have a decent amount of friends who thought it was a bakery or a coffee shop. While they do serve coffee and some delicious pastries, Nido offers an amazing menu full of really tasty and interesting dishes. Most of which are what they like to call “slow street food” basically meaning: easy, quick dishes with amazing flavors, all reasonably priced. I can honestly say I’ve loved every single dish I’ve had there. Needless to say, when owner Ed Roehr asked for me by name for this tasting, I was way, the kitchen brought out the veggie burger, a dish I’ve had at least 5 times. In my opinion, this is one of the best burgers in town. It comes on a brioche bun with a thick-cut tomato and pickled zucchini. Unlike most veggie burgers, it doesn’t totally fall apart in your hands and the flavor is out of this world. I recommend getting it with cheese.

After trying the pork belly bao, a Nido favorite, we tried the confit diestel turkey leg. Big, Flintstone style turkey legs are not my thing so initially when they brought it out, I wasn’t super excited about it. But the meat, slow cooked in duck fat and smothered in herb sauce, was mind-blowingly good. The meat just fell off the bone and was smokey and delicious.9-16-city-scout-sacramento-nido-35city-scout-sacramento-nido29-16-city-scout-sacramento-nido-54Finally, after all of that, we previewed the prix fixe Vegan Chef Challenge menu. Now, I look forward to warm, fall time dishes all year long and the starter dragon mushroom and heirloom bean soup didn’t disappoint. This is definitely going to be one of those dishes I crave on cold nights. They basically throw brussels, squash, mushrooms, watercress into a miso vegetable base and let it simmer for hours and hours. The result is so savory and fantastic.

The main course on the prix fixe menu was a house made seitan bao sandwich, a vegan version of the pork belly bao. For those thinking a vegan dish cannot compare to pork belly, I’d take the vegan bao over the pork belly any day. The seitan soaks up the soy miso glaze and the pickled veggies cut through the sweetness perfectly. For vegans or vegetarians interested in tasting what a truly great bao sandwich tastes like, this is your best bet.9-16-city-scout-sacramento-nido-71 9-16-city-scout-sacramento-nido-74 9-16-city-scout-sacramento-nido-89 city-scout-sacramento-nido3We finished with dessert, a simple vegan chocolate cupcake with a coconut cream whip. Basically, it tasted like a giant oreo. We all loved this one a lot which was clear by the perfectly clean plate when we finished.

Together, the three items come up to a super reasonable total of $18.50. Or, if you’re feeling like you want to make a night out of it, you can add the beer flight, which includes all 4 of their draft beers, for $10. A super cheap delicious deal! You’ll want to take advantage of this menu while it’s here because the Vegan Chef Challenge only runs through the month of October.

Located at 1409 R Street, Sacramento
Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm
Saturday, 8am – 9pm
Sunday, 8am – 3pm