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Midtown plays host to many outstanding restaurants, and one of the latest additions to an already stellar stage is Skool on K Street. Offering a delicious array of Japanese fusion, Skool has options for the fish enthusiast and landlubber diner alike. This Japanese fusion restaurant, run by husband and wife teams Olia Kedik-Mirabell and Andy Mirabell and Toshihiro and Hiroko Nagano, seeks to reward your taste buds while maintaining a commitment to the community and the environment.IMG_6502 IMG_6554I went to Skool with photographer Alina Tyulyu to check out the fare on offer. Its style and atmosphere are the first things to catch the eye. Skool is laid out in a neat, square fashion. Metals and woodwork make up the clean, minimalist interior reflecting the restaurant’s dynamic approach to waste reduction through recycled and refurbished materials. The atmosphere is simultaneously clean, orderly, and fun, and is coupled with a straightforward confidence that asserts that this food can stand on its own–no one is trying to overcompensate or cut corners.

An open kitchen overlooks the restaurant from behind the counter where the Naganos and Mirabells skillfully prepare food. Alina and I opted to dine on the patio, the warm Sacramento spring air and evening light are a perfect accompaniment to a delicious seafood fusion meal.

On this culinary excursion, we partook in several dishes: the Umi Masu, Paku BBQ Ribs, Karaage Wings, Sakamushi, and Aonori Fries, all of which showcase locally sourced ingredients.IMG_7065 IMG_6879The sake steamed clams and mussels in a lemongrass dashi broth arrived at the same time as the seaweed sprinkled fries, carrying with them the scent of the ocean to that street front patio. A mix of garlic, salt, sea and herbs dance across the palate and nose with this dish. The clams and mussels are tender and juicy; warm with steam, flavorful, and moist. The fries pair well with this dish and it’s apparent why they’ve been included as accouterment. The interplay of salt and steam creates a flavorful alchemy that delights scent, taste and sight. This, in itself, is a perfect encapsulation of the appeal of Skool on K–a masterful fusion of daring style, quality ingredients, commitment to vision without compromise, and masterful preparation, presentation and ambiance.

The Umi Masu consists of a delicate array of cured ocean trout, combu cured ikura, fennel, frisee, atsuma tangerine, and radish. Bursting with color, this starter salad combines juicy and tender fish with savory light veggies, balanced out by the fresh tangerine. The dish is colorful and has a backyard-fresh taste reflecting the fact that Skool draws as much of their fresh and seasonal produce from local sources as possible.IMG_6680 IMG_6630The Paku BBQ Ribs are fish ribs, but could easily be mistaken for beef or pork. Though this dish will be a delight to fish lovers, the less seafood-centric may find this to be a nice go-to at Skool. The ribs are crunchy, yet smooth in the center, easily navigable by the neat metallic chopsticks utensil option. A zesty tang permeates the flavor profile of the Paku BBQ Ribs and a nice spicy finish completes each bite. This combination might explain why Olia told us it’s one of their biggest hits.IMG_6692 IMG_6801Following the ribs, we were presented with Karaage Wings, Japanese style fried chicken wings. In both the chicken and the ribs, the presentation was flawless. Garnished, colorful, and fresh tasting, the Karaage Wings are a perfect example of what Japanese cuisine fused with highbrow American tastes can accomplish.

Skool on K is the newest reason to love K Street in Midtown. Skool is located at 2319 K Street and opens for dinner at 5pm–closed Monday. $1 oysters are served at brunch on Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:30.


Photos | Alina Tyulyu