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Last time we chatted with the phenomenal, local dark wave duo, Sister Crayon, Terra and Dani told us they were getting ready to release an LP later this year. Well the time has arrived! “Devoted” is set to drop June 2nd, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We got an early look at the music and some insights from Terra, vocalist and one half of the musical power behind Sister Crayon.

Devoted” is an album that starts off sounding like a dark heartbeat in a hallway, a haunting echoing voice comes dancing through the dark atmosphere and builds to an emotional roar. You can sense deeply personal digging in this intensely inward focused musical offering.

Terra tells me, “Devoted is a record that we created out of loss. It’s a record that is intended to examine and dissect love, loss, and restoration in the act of devotion. I clung to these songs when nothing else made sense, really. It’s a primitive, raw collection of songs that were made in a desperate headspace of mine.”

After opening the album with the slow build of “Armor”, the title track follows with a musical fusion of emotional longing that at once energizes the listener, brings out feelings of sorrow and passion, and makes you want to dance!

If you’re already a fan of the duo or if you’re just discovering them, you’ll recognize their brand of honest and raw music and attention to structure and careful layering of musical beats and loops. While still being carefully crafted, Sister Crayon keeps it simple on this release.

This album is very different from previous work of ours. Dani and I stripped the project down to just us, and our producer. We wanted to focus mainly on the vocals and beats- with a heavy emphasis on low-end beats, and bass. We wanted the record to hit heavy in sound to match the lyrical content, the urgency of how we were feeling.”

The record succeeds in this dramatically. The dark, wave beats wash over your ears, carrying Terra’s voice aloft as it conveys almost painfully honest and real lyrics, straight from the heart. “Ride|Die”, one of my favorite tracks, is a perfect example of this fusion. One of the slower tracks, it keeps up the theme of introspection.

SCxROP_02-2015_114The album works as a single musical narrative from beginning to end, peaking in the middle with tracks “Night Totem” and “Bicep”, and coming down to a musical resolution with the empowering closing track “Hell In My Head.”

The darkness on “Devoted” is heavy and strong, but it never becomes morose. The album is extremely energetic and makes you want to move. It’s honestly hard not to dance in your car, or in your room, while you’re listening (guilty!).

The album captures the energy and intensity of our live show, something that we have been wanting to portray for a long time. In the past, we were not able to do that, so I believe this new album is a good balance of capturing how passionate our live shows are.”

SCxROP_02-2015_140After seeing Sister Crayon live, I’d say that goal was met, (and exceeded), with this release.

Regarding the future? Expect many opportunities to see Sister Crayon live this summer!

We are working on setting up some tours for the summer and fall to follow up this release. As of right now, we are focusing on touring with Antemasque. We are also focusing efforts on recording the next album with Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Wes Jones.”

Sister Crayon’s Devoted is out June 2 on Rodriguez-Lopez Productions and available for pre-order on iTunes.


Photos | Raoul Ortega