Diana Raveica

Shop with Purpose

As humans, we are always searching for our purpose in life and local PURPOSE boutique owner, Rachel, has found hers right here in Midtown Sacramento. PURPOSE is one of Sacramento’s most buzzed about shops, bringing to our community not only high-quality fashion but a deeper meaning to the beloved pastime of shopping. The shop is “putting the purpose back into fashion” by only selling brands that use ethical practices, and with a focus on giving back to charities, both locally and globally.

The dream for PURPOSE started with Rachel wanting to leave her mark on the world and impact people’s lives. As a hairdresser, she was no stranger to watching women’s transformations and she loved to play her part in helping them feel beautiful and empowered. She also wanted to practice what she preached and inspire her daughter to follow in her footprints. Because of her powerful and motivated personality, she knew she had to take it to the next level and follow her dream of being a business owner. Fast forward to 2016 and her PURPOSE became a reality in a little building on 28th Street. In her words, “the space may be small but the mission is huge!”What sets PURPOSE apart is the focus on “slow fashion,” or clothing and accessories that can be traced back to ethical sources, free of labor law violations and/or poor working environments. In addition to being fair-trade, many of the brands carried by PURPOSE give back to charity or even employ workers in developing countries who wouldn’t otherwise receive a fair wage. Imagine walking into a store where you knew that every item you purchase empowers the maker. That’s PURPOSE. In fact, sometimes you’ll even find the name or picture of the maker on the tag. It’s an addicting shopping experience.

Rachel says she can’t possibly choose a favorite brand but Bel Kazan is a top choice for apparel because they are handmade by an all-women team with unique textiles and patterns made by the artists. The brand ensures that their workers are paid fair wages and have good living conditions, which ultimately is a win-win for both the maker and the buyer. This is one of the brands where the artists sign what they make, so you truly feel a deeper connection to the items you’re purchasing. For accessories, Elk Accessories are her go-to because of their modern and minimalist look (and they are all recycled, woo!). The brand is a UNICEF line and therefore globally conscious, which is another of Rachel’s core values.Rachel’s passion and zeal are evident when you meet her and she uses that passion to not only make Sacramento a better place, but the world. So what advice did she have for other dreamers looking to make a difference? Just go for it! Know your passion, for it is your strength. And know people’s needs. You will have much more success if you’re doing something you love and making something that people need. It won’t always be glamorous and there will be parts you hate, even when pursuing something you love. But you’ve got to take the good and bad, and push forward! And remember, “do good, look great and be humanKIND.”

1423 28th St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Photos | Diana Raveica

Model | Libier Reynolds

Styling | PURPOSE