Caitlin Smith

Weekend at Pike Place Market


A clear blue sky with hardly a cloud stretches out above the city skyline.  It’s one of the perfect Seattle summer days that brings the entire city outdoors to bask in the sunshine.

IMG_4388 (1)

Music fills the air as this street is typically line with buskers, especially on the weekend.

IMG_4136 (1)A visitor to the market is immediately immersed in the hustle and bustle as well as the sights, smells and sounds of market life.

IMG_4414 Pike Place market is situated above the water front with perfect views of the water and is the classic Seattle experience.


Across the cobblestone street from the market is a line of brick buildings filled to the brim with shops and restaurants.

IMG_4152The fish mongers are the first thing seen and heard.  The spectators crowd around Pike Place Fish Market to watch three-foot salmon thrown through the air and occasionally get to try their hand at catching a “flying fish.”

IMG_4150 (1)

As you walk further into the market are each side of the walkway is lined with rows of fresh flowers, vegetables, pasta, and trinkets galore, perfect for souvenirs.  All with plenty of opportunities for sampling and snacking on the best the northwest has to offer.IMG_4173

Le Panier is a local favorite with some of the best freshly baked croissants around.  A perfect spot to have a latte and watch the market life unfold.

A few blocks down, is another spot frequented by locals, Piroshky Piroshky, with the best variety of sweet and savory treats around.

IMG_4249 That being said, the fresh produce, hand crafted items, restaurants and atmosphere draw tourists and locals alike to enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

IMG_4350 (1) All in all, Pike Place Market is a fascinating place to shop and walk and is a can’t miss on any trip to Seattle.IMG_4342