Sacramento Bacon Fest 2016

Sacramento Bacon Fest 2016 closed out a week of bacon-covered goodness with its 5th Annual Chef’s Competition. Twelve of Sacramento’s favorite chefs donned their aprons, gathered their knives and headed to Mulvaney’s B&L to battle it out for the coveted title of Bacon Fest Champion. Of course, on the other side of the kitchen, Sacramento feasted on some of the best bites in the city. We gathered. We ate. We conquered. Bacon Fest, we miss you already.

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Sacramento Bacon Fest 2016
Competing Chefs:

Jason Azevedo Hock Farm Craft & Provisions
Patrick Prager Formaggio Restaurant
Allyson Harvie Block Butcher Bar/LowBrau
Chris Barnum Localis
Brett Stockdale Pangaea
Bryan Martinez Raley’s
Teddy Gibanov Revolution Wines
Brian Mizner Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.
Matt Brown Forester Foods
Brock MacDonald Block Butcher Bar/LowBrau
Patrick Mulvaney Mulvaney’s B&L
Hilary Banard, Dane Blom Grange Restaurant

Congratulations to Jason Azevedo, this year’s Bacon Fest Champion!


Photos | Jose Barajas