Sacramento ‘Art Street’ Walkthrough

For those that missed the 10-day showing of Art Hotel last year due to long lines or the notion that you will “catch it next week,” your days of regret are over. M5Arts presents Art Street, your second chance to catch the temporary art show of the year. Much like Art Hotel, Art Street is a temporary, transdisciplinary art experience created by a collection of artists and curated by M5Arts. This year, visitors have almost an entire month to catch a glimpse of the exhibit before it closes. However, if attendance is anything like last year’s, you’ll need to run over as soon as you can before the tours start selling out!

Art Street opens February 3 – 25 at 300 1st Ave. in Sacramento. Exhibit hours are Monday through Friday from 3pm-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am to 9pm.

Autumn of The Outsider by Bryan Valenzuela

Bryan’s work seeks to create a contemporary connection through the lineage of Arthur Rimbaud and David Wojnarowicz, two artist poets embodying the concept in both life and working the 19th century Paris and 20th century New York, respectively. The image here is a comment on the changing face of this city and cities where increased urban development marginalizes certain voices and pushes them off the grid due to a certain number of economic factors.

Faceless by Sarah Marie Hawkins

Faceless is a photography art installation that provides a platform for 20 women to intimately and vulnerably share their sexual assault story in an anonymous setting. This project directly documents the repercussions, allowing the viewer to glimpse the rawness of the actual incident, aftermath, shame, blame, support system or lack thereof, and current daily life of the survivors. Sarah’s hope is for this project to ignite an open dialogue and bring awareness to an upsetting issue that it too often ignored or met with skepticism.

This is What it Feels Like by Terra Lopez

This is What it Feels Like is an examination into our particular society and the way in which oppression of women affects the daily lives of all members of society. What you will hear inside is taken verbatim from brave women who chose to share their experiences. This is what it feels like.