Susan Yee

Sacramento Art Hotel

What is Art Hotel anyway? Well, it is more than we can share today. However, we are excited to announce that we are working closely with the Art Hotel team to bring you a behind the scenes look at Art Hotel. We will show you exactly why you should drop everything on February 5th and explore this temporary art experience. For now, this is what you need to know:

There is an abandoned hotel and apartment building at 7th and L streets in Sacramento. Slated to be demolished for renovation in Spring 2016, The Jade is on its way out. M5Arts,  a new, Sacramento art collective, curated nearly a hundred artists across various disciplines to transform The Jade-its rooms, hallways, kitchens and restrooms into a temporary art experience.

The Residency, or the art installation process, will last one month. 50+ artists across many disciplines, together, in an abandoned hotel for one month. And then… M5Arts invites you to experience this immersive experience for only 10 days. 10 days and then it’s gone, forever.

We briefly sat down with Dr. Seumas Coutts, one of the founding members of M5Arts, to chat about the concept of Art Hotel. He didn’t give too much away so if you’re looking for details, you’ll have to check back!

What IS Art Hotel?
The Art Hotel is a 10-day transdisciplinary art experience.

Where did the concept for Art Hotel come from?
These ideas have always been around and can found throughout art history. Often it is not acted on because people are lazy to act. This time somebody acted on it; often that is why things here do not get done. Shaun Burner acted on it and out of that action grew M5arts.

What is M5Arts?
M5Arts is a loose knit, flexible group that all believe in an art with a capital (A). Structured around our own curatorial models, specialized roles, and exhibition practice, M5Arts is a versatile organization that is capable of adapting dynamically to developments in Art praxis and exhibition challenges quickly. 

Why Art Hotel? Why a month-long installation for a 10-day exhibit? 
Artists and their art, when dealing with temporal issues, especially an exhibition such as this, that visualizes an alternate possible way to the making, management and mediation of art outside the conventional locations which involves a “space-centered” or “site-specific” strategy for art, architecture, critical and creative writing, dance, and film, the exhibition becomes then – becomes a space of possible knowledge and the document of its survival and demise that interrogates the conventions that allow the arts to arrive at this given space and when one ‘thinks’ and that ‘thought’ is transformed into an object, the time to create that object is often longer than most people visit. A film is a good example. Months and years to create, the cinemagoer with any luck gets to enjoy 90min of their life.

Why should we be excited?
That’s a difficult question, a classical question, dare I say a Philistine question and absolutely necessary. I can only answer in my own case as curator, a curator studies the subjectivity and trajectories of others – among many other things – in and by the act of the mediation of knowledge. My curatorial task here is to make accessible and simultaneously destabilize an understanding of representation, to show how limits are constructed, what are the role of art, its externalities and other factors that go into art creation and the infrastructure that supports it.

The Artists

Alicia Palenyy | Alina Celik | Amanda Prince-Lubawy | Andy CunninghamAnnakatrin KrausHans Aescht | Arielle Robbins | Bobby Edwards | Cari BorjaChad TurnerChris Daubert | Cj Bax | Darya Palenyy | Dave Davis | Dave DeCamilla | Tricia TalleNina LynchDavid Stone | Dean Goldman | Denae Davis | Don Mina | Drew WalkerEric HongistoEric Howard | Gabriel Folli | Gioia Fonda | Jack Fulton | Jake Castro | Jefferson Howery | Jerry Wang | John Downs | Jose Di Gregorio |  Justin Wood | Kaz Huette | Darlene Engellenner | Diane Ruhkala Bel | Lisa Jetonne | Matt Brown | Matt Porr | Maximo Barret | Melissa ArendtNancy Jones | Nick Dramer | Paul Benavides | Priscilla Ameneyro | Rita Szuszkiewicz | Gerald H. Thomas | Cindy Ajay | Tony Showalter | Robert Jean RayRora Blue | Shane Murphy | Shaun Burner | Franceska Gomez | Trent Dean | Vera Ximenes | William Burg | William IshmaelPeter Stegall


Art Hotel | 1122 7th Street, Sacramento
February 5 – February 13

M5Arts will host an Opening Reception and a VIP Preview. Oh, and we will host an awesome Media Preview so get on our good side!

Art Hotel reached its Kickstarter goal but is still in need of funds. Any additional support goes towards creating an Art Hotel book so the story and exhibit will live on and to the artists of Art Hotel.