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Dissect is back!

Season 2 of Dissect is dedicated entirely to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is an aural pageantry of West’s uncanny talents as producer and rapper, a sonic amalgamation of the four solo albums that precede it. It’s thirteen tracks are ambitiously scaled, a musical maximalism as yet unheard in the world of hip-hop.

Within this sonic coliseum, Kanye bares the confliction between his ego and insecurity, between the purity of his creative gifts and his incessant need for adoration. The album’s loose narrative outlines Kanye’s rise and fall from public grace, a kaleidoscopic meandering into the deep recesses of his mind, his fantasies. One moment he’s brash and confident, the next he’s vulnerable and lost.

Our first three episodes this season will serve as a preface to Twisted Fantasy. Today, we’ll explore Kanye’s early life and hard-fought ascension up the ranks of the music industry. As we’ll see, Kanye’s infamous ego was born of insecurity, a “forcefield” he constructed to defend himself against the torrent of naysayers who doubted him early in his career.

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Photo: Reuters Staff