Ryan Morris of Ryan Morris Art

Ryan Morris of Ryan Morris Art is killing the game when it comes to greeting cards. When a new batch of cards arrive at the City Scout office, our staff snatches them up faster than Ryan can get away on his penny board. His witty, sarcastic, punny creations are beyond awesome and keep us craving more. With cards for every occasion, sending a greeting just got 1,000 times more exciting.CS-16 CS-7CS-4 CS-2 CS-14How did you start your craft?
I was born into a family of artists. Since I was a kid that was all I knew. My blood might as well have been watercolor and india ink. I couldn’t do a thing about it. My current work began at an art show about a year ago. Someone said my work would make a great greeting card. I made a greeting card line. Then I made an Etsy store and next I got picked up by Williams Sonoma Inc. Now I have 20 stores across California that retail my line.

How do you get in the zone?
My best work requires me to be in a very intense and very precise state of mind. This place comes to me after many shots of espresso, much meditation, and the sound of Yeezy.

What is your favorite thing about Sacramento?

My favorite thing about Sacramento is that it’s not Brooklyn, it’s not SF, and it’s not Chicago. It doesn’t give a shit about being any of those places either. To me, Sacramento is a janky place where people create. It is a discreet sanctuary for people who are geniuses and gods. There is no status, there is no vanity.


Photos | Julia Maya