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We’re really excited to start this new series. We will be highlighting fashion brands from all over the US, and beyond with a Sacramento twist. In this series, we will be scouting brands with interesting stories, and the good causes they serve.

Rocky Clark Clothing is a clothing brand founded by Joseph Rotondo. Based in New York with a premise of sustainability. Their clothing and accessories are made from hemp and organic cotton and they are all Made in America.  They also donate 3% from every sale to charity for Animal Welfare.

Why “Rocky Clark”?

Rocky Clark originated from my middle name- “Rocco” and my rescue dog’s name- “Clark”.  I put them together and found a strong, catchy name for the brand.  It’s meaningful to us yet anonymous to others.  Read more here

Tell us about “Rocky Clark”

Rocky Clark was founded on the premise of sustainability.  We believe in producing clothes sustainably, consuming clothes consciously and giving back to society to support the greater good.  Our clothing and accessories are made from hemp and organic cotton and they are all Made in America.  We are heavily influenced by music, sports, and streetwear.  We also donate 3% from every sale to charity for Animal Welfare. Read more here.

Where did it start?

Rocky Clark was an idea that was a couple years in the making.  During this time I lived in Narragansett, Rhode Island,  Warwick, New York,  and Florence, Italy.   All of these locations were integral to the ideation of RC.  In Florence the big ideas and vision for the brand emerged- it is a fashion and art capital so inspiration flowed freely.  In New York most of the execution occurred branding and design wise- this is where the logo and identity came to be.  In Rhode Island we launched our first line of products that are now extinct- we had a line of patch caps and t-shirts, both made from hemp/organic cotton.  We sold these to close friends and really grew organically.  Through our friends in Rhode Island, we had a strong team and support group that made us believe in what we were doing.  Our first official product drop on May 5, 2017, occurred in New York- the home of our headquarters.  

All of these locations influenced the brand identity.  Rhode Island brought us “beach vibes”.  Florence gave us a fashion forward mentality with a cause in mind.  New York brings us that strong NY mentality and the execution of our ideas in a fashion capital.

Who should Rock Clark?

Our slogan is “How do you Rock your Clark?”

A Rocky Clarker is someone who cares about how they consume products, whether it be food or clothing.  A Rocky Clark Team Member chooses quality and sustainability before fast-fashion and over-consumption.  They enjoy taking their dog for a nature walk or playing a sport on the beach with friends. Rocky Clarkers wear their clothing from work in the city to a bar for happy hour.  

We value Teamwork.  When you wear Rocky Clark you are part of The Greater Good.  You become part of our team but you also become a teammate to other people.  

Top 3 Brands/Artists that inspire us.

Supreme:  They are the Kings of Streetwear.  The New York mentality they bring to fashion is so strong, creative and in your face.  Their business model is very innovative and successful.  Supreme is always bettering themselves through their collaborations and creative products.  

Outerknown/Patagonia:  Outerknown is leading fashionable, sustainable clothing.  Led by Kelly Slater, they are surf/ beach inspired and eco-friendly. Patagonia is the most admirable B-Corp brand out there.  They are the leaders in quality, well-made products with a focus in eco-friendliness.  Outerknown and Patagonia use many Fair Trade Certified factories and provide a good-living for their workers.  Both these brands are in the same family, a family that is paving the way for brands like us to succeed in the market.

Fear of God:  Jerry Lorenzo is doing something special with this brand.  His perspective from faith, sports and music are truly admirable.  He brings luxury details into streetwear- making an elevated product for the market.  Jerry has a very humble approach to clothing and you can see it through the product, interviews, and videos he creates.  His clothing is heavily LA/ city inspired but you can wear his clothing on the basketball courts and to a concert- which is quite fun and unique.

Current Favorite Album:

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar.  Kendrick continues his story of society and culture in America, coming from Compton, CA.  We love Kendrick because he stands for something- he believes rap music should have a deeper meaning.  His references and double entendres forces you to digest and think about what he is saying, what message or story he is relaying.  You can’t just listen to one song, you have to listen to the album in its entirety- and the coolest part is you can listen to it in reverse order and get a new perspective from it.

What is your “NY State of Mind“?

Being a brand from New York comes with great responsibility.  New York is a fashion capital.  It is our job to dissect and communicate what is going on in NY and USA culture.  We want to be a voice of sustainable streetwear and eco-friendly fashion so we need to be trendy yet timeless and classic.  Our New York DNA in our brand brings strength and a powerful voice to have a cause and make fun clothing.  We want to bring the street attitude like Nas does in “NY State of Mind”, with the fun energy that Jay-Z does in “Empire State of Mind” and the timeless and classiness that Frank Sinatra does in “New York, New York”.  

Our collaboration with The New York Denim Academy lives and breathes New York.  The NYDA is a factory in the heart of the NYC Garment District that have been producing high-quality denim for top brands for the past two decades.  The pair of jeans we stock have such NY attitude.  The raw selvedge denim used is a nice dark wash from White Oak/ Cone Mills in North Carolina so it’s 100% USA made.  The stitching used is a dark contrast, making it modern and classy.  There is minimal branding so it’s not too in your face but they are still strong in design- especially the details.  There is a “Subway Token” button we used for the button fly as well as a signature “Manhole Cover” rivet used on the coin pocket.  They are meant to roam the streets of NYC.  

 Future for “Rocky Clark”

We have plans to grow organically and to produce a sustainable capsule collection in America.  We have designs we would like to execute and in time they will come to fruition.  Also once hemp is legal to grow in America our material costs will be much lower, which will make it easier to access and produce.  We would like to build our e-commerce site as well as grow relationships with retailers that fit our vibe.  Rocky Clark also has plans to collaborate with other brands, artists, and charity organizations. Learn more here

 Photographer: Diana Elena

Model: Eugene Clarke. A local artist from Sacramento. Find more about his music here