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Ask and you shall receive. “Request” and you shall find yourself exploring new restaurants with a table reserved under your name and the ability to pay from your phone. So goes the story of the Sacramento-born app Requested.

Created in the creative co-working space The Trade, Requested affords users a new way to interact with their favorite and soon-to-be-favorite local eateries. Having just recently launched (quite literally at San Francisco’s Launch Festival in March), Requested already has plenty of our favorite Sacramento spots loaded into the app and they’re adding more all the time. At time of publishing this piece, they have 17 new accounts that will be added this week.

Raise your hand if any/all of the following apply to you:

  • You’ve forgotten your wallet at home but can’t get through the day without your coffee.
  • You know table-tent promotions grace local restaurant tables, but you can’t keep track of what places offer what deals and when.
  • You’re sometimes facing a time crunch on your lunch break and don’t always have time to wait for the check.
  • You love going out to eat and supporting local businesses, but the habit can take its toll on the ol’ pocketbook, so a discounted fare would help the cause.
  • You have a tough time narrowing down the myriad places to eat and drink in this town and need an antidote to your indecisiveness.
  • You find yourself eating at more-or-less the same restaurants all the time.

Enter: Requested.Requested-3 Requested-1 Requested-2 Requested-4 Requested-6How it works:

  1. Download the app from the App Store (and Google Play store).
  2. Input a time you’d like to go eat (you can even enter the current time) and the number of people in your party.
  3. Scroll through the “Places” results to check where there’s an available space for you and your pal(s).

    • What’s helpful about this part is you might find yourself trying a place you haven’t eaten at before or visited in a while.
    • This is also the step where you can see which places are offering a discounted rate because you’re searching on their off-peak hours.
  4. Book It!” and you’ll get a text to confirm the details.
  5. When you show up for your reservation, accounts will often recognize you because your face shows up on the app (much like Lyft and Uber), and/or have a table waiting for you. If they don’t happen to have the screen pulled up, just mention that you made a reservation on Requested. They’ll know how many are in your party and everything is ready to go! Imagine how impressive you’d look on a date if it looked like you pulled a few strings to get in.
  6. During the app setup, you’ll have to input your card information. When you’re ready to pay (whether it’s at the counter of a coffee shop or the table of a restaurant), the restaurant’s point-of-sale system links up with your app and allows you to pay for the bill, including the tip. You can adjust the tip percentage as you see fit.

Requested-10 Requested-11 Requested-12 Requested-13

Scout tips:

  • After your experience (cocktail, coffee or meal), you’ll get a text with a “Kudos” as a thanks. Those Kudos will eventually translate into credits you can use on your next Requested adventure.
  • The slower the time slot for the restaurant, the deeper the discount so shop around.
  • The app is location-responsive, so the list of “Places” suggested will be curated for your whereabouts.
  • A new feature will soon be added to the app to allow you to enable push notifications so you can keep your finger on the pulse – and the deals – of your favorite local haunts.

Requested-8 Requested-14Some City Scout favorites on the app so far:

The Trade: We started our Requested adventure where Requested started its Requested adventure – at The Trade. It’s a great spot to try out the app because they’re extremely familiar with it and it’s a low-pressure environment. Our barista, Jordan, knew who we were when we arrived and got us all set up. Side note: Try the Shakerato: espresso shot + sugar shaken like a cocktail and served up in a martini glass. Vi, daughter of Requested app founder Sonny Mayugba, also works there and would be a great usher for your journey into the Requested universe. She’ll be the one wearing the “I Heart Requested” button on her apron.

Mayahuel Restaurant + Tequila Museum: A great example of how Requested can help you find a new-to-you place. A few of us City Scout folks tried Mayahuel for dinner and truly loved the experience. Beautiful space (sit outside while you can), incredibly thoughtful service (ask for Vince) and flavorful, dynamic food (thanks Raul). And, as the syrup on the flan, we got a 15% discount through the app, which makes for all the more reason to go back.

Hook & Ladder | New Helvetia Brewing | The Red Rabbit Kitchen + Bar | Oak Park Brewing Co. | Ju Hachi Japanese Cuisine | Andy Nguyen Vegetarian Restaurant | Liquidology | Pizzeria Urbano | Shady Lady SaloonRequested-9Big thanks to Scott Eggert of MKTNG for being a fan of Requested and giving us a first-hand testimony on the user experience and perks.

Photos | Julia Maya