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Date night, mural hunting, Farmers Market and patio brunching. We can think of endless activities where Sacramento is best experienced by bike. The ease of biking on these streets paired with bike friendly venues and events prompts many of the city’s residents to leave the car at home and jump on their wheels.

As if ditching the hassle of finding parking and setting a timer so your meter doesn’t run out isn’t enough of a reason to bike to the Farmers Market or festival of the week, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates often provide free bike valets around town, such as at the Midtown Farmers Market every Saturday.

PUBLIC Bikes is a San Fransisco-based bike and gear company that sells beautiful and practical urban bikes. PUBLIC just opened the PUBLIC Bikes Sacramento Pop-Up Shop at Hot Italian. Visitors are given the opportunity to test ride PUBLIC bikes right here in Sacramento.

If you like what you see, you can order a bike while you chow down on pizza and your new ride will be delivered to your door (almost) ready to ride! The pop-up is open every weekend through the holidays.

Don’t wait for Bike Month to experience the city streets with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. We gathered together some of midtown’s regular bikers, followed them to work and talked with them about Sacramento, bike culture and PUBLIC.


Jose Di Gregorio | Artist

We’ve followed Jose on a bike before. This local artist lives and works at the coveted R Street Warehouse Artist Lofts in Sacramento’s Historic District. Jose’s work is in high demand and that doesn’t leave him much time for leisurely strolls, but he still rides his bike every day as a part of his routine. That is, to places concerning coffee and art.15-11-01_publicbikes_0004 15-11-01_publicbikes_0005 15-11-01_publicbikes_0008 In Sacramento, I’ve been able to cultivate what I do as a visual artist without feeling constant scrutiny. My art peers in town are self-driven and talented, so I’m always kept motivated and inspired. 15-11-01_publicbikes_0009 15-11-01_publicbikes_0018I tend to ride for utility, and wish I had more time to ride for pleasure. I mostly ride to Insight Coffee on S Street and Verge Center For The Arts. It’s a short distance, but it’s part of my ritual. 15-11-01_publicbikes_0021 15-11-01_publicbikes_0023Loressa Martin | Marketing Assistant at Honey Agency

Loressa is in charge of researching and compiling website and social media analytics for Honey Agency’s clients, alongside creating and implementing social media strategies. She breezes into work on her teal dutch bike every morning. We’ve even seen a puppy in that back basket a time or two.

15-11-01_publicbikes_0028I love how PUBLIC Bikes adopted the Dutch style. Their bikes are comfortable, easy to ride and stylish – I can take it on a 20 mile bike ride or for a quick ride to the market. It’s safe and reliable!

I wanted something to reflect my personality and cost was also important. Public Bikes are affordable and beautifully designed. There was no other choice!15-11-01_publicbikes_00354 15-11-01_publicbikes_0040215-11-01_publicbikes_00412I love how community centric and creative Sacramento is. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie and support. Everyone believes that this city is and will continue to grow to be something great.

I love riding my bike around midtown on the weekends. My local haunts are the Midtown Farmers Market, Sacramento Antique Faire, Beers Books, and the Warehouse Artist Lofts for some FishFace and shopping.15-11-01_publicbikes_0046215-11-01_publicbikes_00475Joshua Carlson | Bar Manager at LowBrau

Josh has a tough job as bar manager at one of Sacramento’s favorite – LowBrau Bierhall. Stationed in the center of Midtown and at the same location as the Midtown Farmers Market, many of LowBrau’s bartenders bike to work. After a long day of photoshoots, we asked Josh to make us a City Scout cocktail at Block, LowBrau’s sister company and neighbor.15-11-01_publicbikes_0052 15-11-01_publicbikes_0056 I love the bike culture downtown. I ride my bike to work, the grocery store, the gym, pretty much everywhere. When I’m by myself and the sun is out, it’s an amazing feeling.15-11-01_publicbikes_0058 15-11-01_publicbikes_0059I grew up in this town and Sacramento will always have a special place in my heart. I love the culture that the people here have created. Downtown Sacramento has definitely transformed into a diverse melting pot. People come in from all over and immediately feel comfortable and welcomed. That’s who we are: welcoming, diverse, open minded [and] open hearted.15-11-01_publicbikes_0060 15-11-01_publicbikes_0061 15-11-01_publicbikes_0066Caroline Winata | Photographer at Milou + Olin Photography and Owner of Giggle and Riot

Caroline is a long-time PUBLIC Bike owner (her bike’s name is Odette). She bikes to her studio that houses her many businesses, including a photo booth company, photography studio and co-working space. When she’s not out shooting or sifting through photo booth props, she’s riding to Naked Coffee for her daily, or sometimes two-a-day, tea.15-11-01_publicbikes_006715-11-01_publicbikes_0069To be honest, I didn’t want a bike that everyone had. I was also super attracted to the fun design and color when PUBLIC first released their bikes. When I learned more about the company, I loved their mission and culture. Everything seemed to fit. I love the classic European style. It fits my personal style more. Plus, it’s local to San Francisco so I was able to go to their store and [try] them out. I’ve been a huge fan of PUBLIC since they first started.15-11-01_publicbikes_007115-11-01_publicbikes_0082I have nothing against cars but I don’t personally own one and I am a big advocate of bikes for urban and city transport. It’s all aligns with PUBLIC’s vision. So it’s an easy fit for me.15-11-01_publicbikes_008315-11-01_publicbikes_0081Saturday, Nov. 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., PUBLIC Bikes Pop-Up Shop will host their Grand Opening at Hot Italian, benefiting the American River Parkway Foundation.

PUBLIC will donate $50 for every bike purchase and Hot Italian will donate 100 percent of the net proceeds when you order a BELLUCCI or PIRLO pizza with two Two Rivers Cider or Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic. There will also be a raffle with fun giveaways and, of course, the opportunity to test out what all this PUBLIC fun is about.

PUBLIC Bikes Sacramento at Hot Italian is open every weekend through the holidays from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Photos | Susan Yee