Andre Elliott

Bethany Crouch

Photographer Notes:

Being Bethany Crouch is definitely not easy.  While I usually reserve rising before the sun for special photo occasions, for Bethany, this is a regular start to her busy day. After meeting up at her house, we were on our way to Fox 40’s news station by 3:45 am. There, she gave me a quick tour before getting ready to appear on air. As I was guzzling down coffee and energy drinks, Bethany effortlessly flitted from place to place. First, we visited Cha Cha’s to cover a story (as well as celebrate her dog’s birthday party) followed by a stop at U Barre, a ballet/pilates studio, as she met with her friend and talked about the renovations the studio is implementing. Bethany leads an extraordinary life and it’s clear she loves every minute of it. – Andre Elliott



We call this zero dark thirty, arriving to work well before the crack of dawn, most mornings, without nearly enough sleep… And still… I love it. I love starting work when most people are asleep or have yet to go to bed from the night before. First stop, our make-up room. People are often surprised we don’t have a team waiting to help us get TV ready. I love my morning team. They make working these insane hours somehow manageable. Paul Robins is an incredible partner. He is a captivating storyteller and has an amazing ability to help everyone shine. One of my favorite parts of my job is getting out in the field for live-reporting, especially when we have a light-hearted story. On this particular morning, we did a segment on the trend of doggie birthday parties. I enlisted the help of the amazing folks at Cha Cha’s Doggie Daycare in East Sac to assist in putting together an on-air party for my Australian Shepherd Charlie’s 2nd birthday. It’s a service they really offer!! They also do doggie weddings!! His trainer Tom Waters was on hand to help ensure a smooth morning. Even with all that planning, technical difficulties still complicated things for our live shots. We pulled it all together, but it definitely didn’t go as I had hoped, but that’s part of the fun of live TV! Gloria, One of my favorite girls has her workout studio next door to Cha Cha’s … So there’s always time for a visit.


Words | Bethany Crouch