Stacy Antonopoulos

Parents of Sacramento: Marvin & Bridgette of Federalist Public House

Sacramento has some really awesome things happening: great food, music, brew, architecture, sports, and  much more. What really makes this city special, however, is the people. People with diversity in backgrounds, talents, and interests, crazy good ideas, and just enough madness to actually make them happen. These individuals are making our community shine, and we applaud those creatives who are raising their kids to engage in our community, to have fun together, and most importantly, to love each other.

To kick off this series of  “Parents of Sacramento”, we got to meet (and eat) with the family behind Midtown’s Federalist: Marvin and Bridgette Maldonado, and their three ridiculously adorable (and very cool) little boys. We asked them a few questions about life in Sacramento before digging into some seriously good wood-fired pizza.Federalist (3) Who are you?

M/B: “Well I don’t know– we’re just, us. Creative, adventurous, crazy, disciplined, focused, funny.  Well, one of us is funny.  She’s the funny one, the quiet one usually is.”

What do you do? What inspired The Federalist?  

M/B: “It was the best of all worlds: the best pizza, and serving up the best craft beer in Sacramento–in a relaxed outdoor environment.  Northern California is fantastic for craft beer,  so we decided to take advantage of it–that’s the crazy side of us, by the way.”

What do you love about our town?

M/B: “I love that there’s opportunity here. We went to school down south, traveled all over, and came back here because this city is just ripe for new creative businesses such as ours.”

Where do you take your kids in Sac?

M/B: “River Cats games – especially in the summer. One of the first things we did when we settled in here was to get memberships to the Sac Zoo, Fairytale Town, and the Railroad Museum. We love the outdoors – anywhere we can be loud, really. When we walk into a restaurant, and it’s loud, we’re like: yes. For us, South is great, and Fox and Goose for example. When we walk in, it’s like home. Of course, there’s always Suzie Burger, too.”

What do you and your family like to do when you’re not working?

M/B: “Because we live here in Midtown, and there’s not really a backyard, whenever we have time off, we’re outdoors. We’re big campers: we have a ‘73 Airstream, and when we can be, that’s where we are.”

Any tips for busy parents?

M/B: “Make sure you put your kids in your schedule. We try to go on both family and individual dates. Spend one on one time with each, because they’re all so different. And we include them as much as we can in the business  they help serve, clean tables, greet customers  so they really are involved in the family business.”Federalist (9)We had a great time hanging with the Maldonado’s. They remind us how important it is to get our kids involved and to encourage them to be aware of their community, so they can take ownership as they get older, thus continuing to make Sacramento a great place to live!

Next time you’re hungry and/or in Midtown, stop by Federalist and get a glimpse of this happy bunch! And don’t sleep on Marvin’s home baked cookies. Really, don’t. You’ll regret it.


Photos | Stacy Antonopoulos