Neighborhoods: East Sacramento

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East Sacramento, where all the charm is hiding. Off the grid enough to be on its own, yet close enough to still be in the scene. East Sac is where you go for a little peace and quiet. You can stroll through McKinley Park or take a walk through the quaint architecture of the Fab 40’s to feel calm and cozy. Whether you are relaxing in a coffee shop or enjoying a night out, there is a sense of community in East Sacramento.


Tupelo | Tupelo is on the way to my office so it’s my quick stop for coffee in the A.M. Even when it’s super crowded with Sac State students, the line always moves fast so I never feel like I’m going to be late for early morning meetings.Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-22 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-25_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-28Orphan Breakfast House | Since Orphan is located almost directly across the street from my house, it is my go-to spot for breakfast. Their menu caters to vegans and gluten-free folk, so it’s pretty easy to eat no matter what form of diet you choose. The employees are super friendly and always make you feel at home.

Midtown Taqueria | This is an awesome spot for a quick burrito. They have a great patio and it is centrally located right on J St.

Hilltop Tavern | Whether you live in East Sac or not, you’ve been to the Hilltop. Everyone knows about it. It’s the place to be on a leisurely Sunday afternoon when you want to play shuffleboard and have a beer.Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-36_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-40_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-45_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-50


Compton’s Market | This is the perfect quick stop for random groceries. Usually only the locals know about it so it’s never overly crowded. If I’m cooking dinner and need something fast I just run over to Compton’s and grab it. The lines are quick and they have plenty of local and organic food to choose from. If you need a bottle of wine or a good beer, Compton’s has you covered–their selection is killer.

East Sac Hardware | This East Sac shop has everything. Who wants to stand in line at Home Depot when you have the kind folks at East Sac Hardware to help you find what you’re looking for? It’s conveniently located on Folsom Boulevard and they have free popcorn. It’s a no-brainer.

Liquidology | You go to Liquidology to get your juice on. Who doesn’t love an awesome juice to start the day and feel refreshed?

Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-81_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-82_1 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-91


McKinley Park | This is where I get my morning start. I run at McKinley Park 6 days a week so I definitely get a lot of use out of it. My goal planning and meditating happen here, so I have a strong connection with this space. The running trail is good on the knees and even when it’s crowded, there is still plenty of room to get around. The park is always alive, kids playing at the community-built playground, volleyball tournaments in the warm seasons, yoga and boot camp classes constantly and even weddings in the rose garden. There is always something going on.Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-105 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-97_1 Deeda Salon | This is my go to place for a kick-ass haircut. Deeda is hip, the stylists are highly trained and the ambiance is super rad. The salon always feels alive with creativity. There is shopping there as well. I got a killer watch there. Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-58 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-69_1Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-63 Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-66_1Alina Tyulyu - 6-30 - Neighborhhod Shoot - Alina-78_1

Favorite Midtown/Downtown Spots:

LowBrau, B-Side, Temple Coffee on KMidtown Farmers Market
With the large trees that umbrella the streets of East Sacramento, it is no surprise why so many young families want to make it their forever-neighborhood. From getting your early morning coffee, to leaving a late night bar, there is always something to do in East Sacramento.

What are your favorites? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos | Alina Tyulyu