Ruslana Drozhzhin

Through The Lens: Mt. Tamalpais

Photographer Notes | My good friends and I decided to take a trip to one of our favorite areas to celebrate; so naturally, we headed towards Mt. Tamalpais. The view from the top of this mountain is simply breathtaking and for me personally, the best way to kick off summer. We had no specific plan for the day, other than grabbing some coffee and making it to the summit of Mt. Tamalpais, so we were in no hurry. The day took us into many climate changes, from fog to rain, to sunny blue skies. When we stopped to eat our prepared lunches, it turned out that we had parked right in front of an amazing trailhead. We quickly scarfed our food down and took a hike. The views were beautiful! It was such a great addition to the day. When we decided to head to the summit, the fog decided otherwise. It was getting so dense on the mountain we decided to see what else we could find, and that’s when we ended up at Stinson Beach. Coffee on the beach after a gorgeous hike and lots of picture taking was absolute perfection. And just as perfect was the drive down Highway 1. On our way home, we found a local coffee roaster Equator Coffees & Teas and picked up a couple of vanilla lattes for the drive home. This day was absolutely beautiful.