Midtown Blue: Episode 3

Director’s Note:

Adolescent Things, Episode 3 of Midtown Blue, is another leap in our ability to tell stories through film. As much as we grew from 1 to 2, I believe that 3 has a solid foundation of pace and leads us further into the minds of our three main characters.

We focus in on Benjamin and get to see him interacting with people he’s known forever. In his previous episodes, he’s much more reactionary to the characters around him. But in his element, Ben takes the lead and the audience is likely to feel more connected to him and what he’s dealing with. We also are introduced to one of Ben’s quirks. We knew from the first episode that he was strange, but now we get tangible evidence of what that strangeness is made of. And it’s just the beginning. Kyle can be very nuanced with his choices which is a really engaging skill for a film actor to have. You can get a lot of emotion from him by just watching his eyes. It’s good to know I nailed the casting with Kyle!

Jack takes a smaller role here, but still gets across a lot of story. He delivers a short monologue about responsibility and expectations that cements what we already assumed about him. Brian’s performance in this episode, while still charming, reveals some of those deeper insecurities that are bubbling to the surface within Jack.

Sam isn’t yelling at anyone in this episode! Our audience has had a love/hate relationship with her from the beginning. She flip flops from funny weird to straight up bitch and that rockiness has made her a difficult character to sympathize with, which was the very goal of Victoria and I when developing her early scenes. In episode 3, she’s more laid back. A bit at ease and we get to see some of Victoria’s abilities as a comedic actor without her even needing to speak. Her facial expressions are brilliant. So perhaps here, she is happier. Maybe therapy is working?

Another thing I love about this episode is how small it is. Cast-wise and location. It’s a more concentrated, plot driven episode. Very little exposition. That’s the cool thing about being on episode 3. Now that we’ve introduced the key players, the story can really take shape.

On a technical note, it’s really cool how we’ve streamlined our process. Editing and filming takes a fraction of the time now. It’s exciting to be improving in the tech aspect, because the more we know about film and it’s various techniques, the better we can convey an engaging story to our community. And that’s what TAAC is all about. I hope you enjoy episode 3 of Midtown Blue!


-David Blue Garrison
Founding Artistic Director of The Alternative Arts Collective
Midtown Blue – Creator