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Midtown Blue Episode 2:

In this episode we perfected a sense of pace that was missing from the pilot. In “group therapy” (Episode 2) there is a flow from scene to scene whereas in Ep1, we seem to jerk along, touching on moments of poignancy but not really retaining.

What makes me most excited about Midtown Blue is knowing that we are just beginning our adventure in film storytelling. I know that with each episode we will grow stronger in our ability to present a narrative. That’s the intention of this project. To challenge ourselves in a medium we know nothing about and get pretty dang good at it. We’ve a ways to go… but we’re off to a fun start.

In this episode we get to see some of the characters truer colors. When we met them in the pilot, everyone was manic. They were at the height of their trauma, their demons. That episode is literally called “Bad Night” it’s their rock-bottom.

So what happens when they come out of being crushed? When they can  reflect on what has happened. It also gives us the opportunity to meet their surrounding characters and how the main casts actions have consequences for everyone. I think Episode 2 is an indication of deeper and even fun places these characters are going to take us. – David Blue Garrison