Andre Elliott

Meeting Up With The Golden Pony

Along with Sister Crayon and French Horn Rebellion, Requiem Events’ weekend party at Barfly recently played host to Brooklyn, New York’s nu-disco duo The Golden Pony.I met up with The Golden Pony’s Timothy Monkiewicz and Thomas Murphy, in the alley next door to Barfly before the show and talked to them about their latest projects, their new record deal, influences, and the music they’re listening to right now while on the road.

As we made our introductions and exchanged jokes, Timothy and Thomas’ laid back and jovial demeanor became immediately apparent.

“So what’s happening for you guys right now?”

Timothy: “Well we’ve got our first record deal so the first song will be coming out in early March. There’s like three singles that we’ll be doing in early March, early Spring, and early Summer or early Fall on a label. So that’s really exciting! And we’re trying to work on some new visual elements. You know we’re starting to do more touring. We started out from just playing around New York, and now we’re starting to do more shows here, and then one in Vancouver so we’re trying to add some crazy LED shit that we can take with us on tour.”

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Thomas: “And we’re doing a music video for our single so we’re starting to get some really creative work on a lot of visual elements. In addition to all the remixes and all, like, the normal shit.”

“What’s the label that you guys are on?”

Timothy: “It’s Thrive Music. They’ve done a lot of kind of electronic stuff. Like they’ve done Steve Aoki, who’s kind of more commercial. But they’ve also done Fatboy Slim, and Duck Sauce. Like a lot of those kinds of guys who are like electronic, but you can’t really put a finger on exactly what they do. They just kind of make funky electronic fun music. They’re pretty good at what they do so we’re really excited.”

Thomas: “They make party songs. Which is good. All party all the time.”

Accompanying the musicians laid back and easygoing disposition is a serious, if not eccentric, attention to detail that shows up clearly both in interactions with the group and in their music. Their love for disco and the dramatic is clearly represented in the old military style blue jacket worn by Timothy which looks perfectly at home next to the brightly colored murals in the alley. Along with the clothes and the Fro styled hair sported by both musicians, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find these guys rocking a discotheque in the 1970’s. Yet all these old-school elements, they’ve combined their musical style with an energetic frenzy to create an alchemy of something new and clearly modern sounding.

“What can you tell me about your latest release?”

Thomas: “I mean our latest thing that just popped out was a mix of ‘Tuesday’ by ILOVEMAKONNEN. We do a lot of hip-hop, well maybe not a lot but, like I really relate to hip-hop. We like a lot of old-school hip-hop. Pretty big Drake fans. We don’t really do drum and bass anymore, but just because we’re such big Drake fans we did a drum and bass mix for a Drake track a couple years ago. It was kind of nice to get back to those sort of woozy vocals and synth, and its been going off. We’ve been playing it on every single date and people went pretty mental. Last night it was big, it was pretty house shakin’.”

ILOVEMAKONNEN – Tuesday (The Golden Pony Remix):

Timothy: “Yeah it was a good show.”

Thomas: “So yeah, that’s our latest. Big things ahead.”

“You mentioned you were influenced by old school hip-hop and stuff. What are you guys listening to right now?”

Timothy: “Man I’ve been listening to so much weird shit. I listen to like Bollywood music. I’m trying to think of what I was listening to in the car.”

Thomas: “We listened to Captain Beefheart.”

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band:

Timothy: “Captain Beefheart and like 60’s rock. And we listen to house music. This guy Kolombo, he’s like a Belgian funky-disco house guy. A little bit of everything. I’d say a lot of our influences are definitely classic rock, funk, a little bit of everything in general.”


Thomas: “I like a lot of early dance music like Kraftwerk and early techno. Just that shit like they were really trained in (for instance) turning a vacuum cleaner into a drum. I like that spirit of creativity where everything is sound, everything has a musical element.”


Later that night The Golden Pony lived up to expectations and set the event on fire with their set; Lights, dance, and action taking over the stage, and packing a sonic power disco punch to the ears. (In a good way).


Photos | Andre Elliott