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May is Bike Month

It’s that time of year to dust off your bike in the garage and get cruising! During May is Bike Month you can challenge a friend, team, employer, school or your city to complete a set amount of miles by the 31st. Try to beat your record from the previous day or use it to compete with a friend.DSC_3477 DSC_3497 DSC_3573Gear tips:

  1. Sunglasses are a must. There’s nothing worse than getting dirt – or worse – a bug in your eye.
  2. Don’t forget your lights for a night ride. Getting a ticket for not being equipped with a light will have you cycling toward Bummersville in now time.
  3. If you can go wireless, do it. If not, be careful with ear buds. Mine fell off the other day, resulting in an injury. #noob
  4. Hydrate! Nothing’s worse than embarking on a long journey without H20. Grab a holder for the crossbar at City Bicycle Works on 24th and K st.

A piece of advice for those a bit new to biking – don’t be intimidated by long trails. Remember, you can always cut it short and turn around. The important part is to enjoy the ride with friends, while knowing and being comfortable with your limits. Biking to and from work is a great way to clear your head and get a healthy dose of fresh air. Invest in a nice bike bag or basket so you can tote your work materials. It’s all about eliminating barriers and making it easier to get in a daily ride.

Here are a few of my personal favorite trails around the greater Sacramento area: 

Sacramento North Bike Trail: Entrance C and 27th (great scenery, 10 miles) ends in Rio Linda.

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail: Beginning at Discovery Park near Old Sacramento, the paved trail  follows the American River for 32 miles to Folsom Dam

American River bike trail

How slick are these bike frames from City Bicycle Co.? The compliments were pouring in from envious fellow bike riders at this month’s “Bike Party,” a monthly night ride happening in Midtown. Be sure to keep an eye out for more frame colors being added to their inventory soon! DSC_35441 DSC_3542There are several actives you can get involved in this month and beyond:

Bike Party happens every first Friday, year round.

There are over 100+ events associated with MIB—check out those out here.

“Like” and follow the May is Bike Month Facebook page for daily updates.

Photos | Andre Elliott