Maven Market Box: A Locally Curated Gift Service

A new company popped up in Sacramento this month and the beautiful design and mission caught our eye immediately. Throw together some of our favorite words (curated, local, makers), box it up and finish with a Brown Pigeon stamp… we’re sold. We’re always looking for fresh ways to shop intentionally and give thoughtfully and Maven Market covers it all. We chatted with Jillian, Founder of Maven Market to learn more about what we can expect and how we can help.  What is Maven Market?

Maven Market curates luxe gift boxes that contain items from local artisans and small businesses in order to promote sustainability, intentionality and creative expression.

Where did the inspiration for this new venture come from?

Our family received incredibly thoughtful gifts after we lost our daughter last summer. Our people really took the time to tune in our situation and our hurt to help comfort us in incredibly meaningful ways. Some of our creative friends even used their skills to bless us. It truly sparked something in me. This is what community is all about, working together for the good of others, using our gifts to better the world and each other. If I may be candid, I believe that this is our responsibility and not something we just do when we have free time. Our gifts are meant to go beyond us. I didn’t want Norah’s death to be something that made our family shrink back, and truthfully we had no reason to. The rushing in of comfort lifted us and I wanted to pay it forward.

What a beautiful response to such a difficult chapter. How has this project helped your family through the heartbreak?

Although we had a lot of support, there was an eerie way that the world just went on. New to grief, we felt lost and it was hard to adjust to this new “normal” in our home. How much were we allowed to talk about her? How much were we allowed to cry? Was this it? I ached for a way to honor my daughter. I got the vision in December and then came the hustle. I could tell by the way everything came together that this was meant to be. We’ve received overwhelming enthusiasm and encouragement about Maven Market as well as our story. This project has breathed life back into our home and hearts. We love your marketing. The branding, the wooden boxes, did you do it all yourself or collaborate with people?

Thank you! This was really fun for me. I knew exactly what I wanted and chose companies that I knew would totally get it. I wanted the entire project to be a collaborative process as well as keep that “shop small” mentality. My logo, my boxes, and even the stamp that I stamp the boxes with, all promote a small business; they’re handmade down to the core.

Can you tell us about some of the goods we’ll be able to find in your boxes?

You will find all kinds of items from candles and laundry detergent, to handmade aprons and hand-carved wooden spoons. Local honey and spices, coffee and tea. Nursing tea and teethers. Even products for the traveler, such as handmade leather business card holders and carry-on cocktail kits. The list is already growing in our mind!

What occasions are these gift boxes good for?

Truthfully, any occasion. Although we do plan to have boxes that cater to the seasons, any of these are a great alternative. I’ve heard quite a few times that this is the gift that you give someone who has everything. We all know one of those, right?

Who do you work with locally?

A few of my vendors local to Sacramento are: Studio Fig, The Allspicery, Sincere Ceramics, Oak and Ash, and currently have something in the works with Magpie Alchemy! Hoping that list will expand as I have many more box ideas I’m dreaming up.

You are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s your chance to tell us about it!

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding site, and we chose it because we truly believe in what we’re doing and because we know that others believe with us. Our financial goal is $15,000, and in only 6 days we were halfway there! Truly incredible really. People didn’t even hesitate to donate – and they weren’t just donating $5 or $10 (of course that helps, yes!). The average donation currently is $150, which is mind-blowing! Right now we are trying to extend our reach, as most campaigns tend to have a lull. We want more people to know and rally with us! I love the community the campaign has brought together. Your donation goes farther than you think. Yes, it helps us get a business off the ground, but you’re also supporting all the makers involved!

Where can we follow along with you?

You can follow our process on our Instagram, @mavenmarketbox!Learn more about Maven Market Box and back their project through their Kickstarter campaign.