Susan Yee

Made in Sacramento

Last Saturday, we invited our friends, partners and artists from the community to our launch party and an epic celebration of all things Sacramento. Rafael Delgado opened up his art studio and our sponsors filled the space with bites, drinks and dance vibes that lasted into the night.

Sponsors: Rafael Delgado Art Studio | Requiem Events | Queue | Rocket Booth | Giggle and Riot | Front Street Animal Shelter | Rocket Department | Brown Pigeon | Hot Italian | Temple Coffee | The Roaming Spoon | 58 Degrees and Holding | Seasons Coffee | Federalist Public House | Brass Clover | Figs and Feta | Burley Beverages | Bakers Donuts | Rire Boutique | Liquidology | Milon + Olin Photography | Magpie Cafe | FishFace

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