Photos: Julia Maya

Lindsay Swearingen of Tusk + Cardinal

Tusk + Cardinal owner Lindsay Swearingen has found her niche in Sacramento as a fiber artist creating custom embroidery wall art, jewelry, and home accessories. The Colorado native began selling her embroidered hoops in 2013 and has been perfecting her craft ever since. Her sophisticated and delicate designs use clever fiber combinations and hand drawn illustrations that foster thoroughly beautiful and unique pieces.

How long have you been doing your craft and what made you start?

My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was young, and from there I always liked to be working with soft materials like fabric or yarn. I taught myself embroidery and opened my shop about 3 years ago.  I like that it’s a traditional and old fashioned medium that I can modernize with my own style.

Where do you begin with a new piece?

Generally I prefer to sketch out designs beforehand, and later transfer them to fabric after I feel they’ve been perfected. That being said, some of my favorite pieces have been the result of just jumping in and stitching. I like to have a plan, but sometimes being spontaneous works me.

What is your favorite thing about Sacramento?

My favorite thing about Sacramento has got to be its community of artists and makers. There is so much talent out there. I’m inspired every time I do an event where I can sell my work alongside other artists and vendors. They are passionate about their product and they work so hard to make it available to our community. I love it.

 Photos: Julia Maya