Photos: Susan Yee

Artists of Sacramento: Jose Di Gregorio

My name is Jose Di Gregorio, and I’m an artist living at the Warehouse Artist Lofts in midtown Sacramento. I’ve lived in the region since 2006, but I was born in Puerto Rico, and studied painting in Pont-Aven, France, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Since graduating with my BFA in 2006, I’ve been a full-time working artist.

My work focuses on combinations of intricate patterned lines, saturated color gradients, and celestial landscapes. The line-weight in the drawings often stay the same, yet the renderings create depth and form, by way of overlaps and repetition. As a result, the work can be regarded as ethereal in nature.
 I typically make the quick walk/bike to Insight on S & 8th prior to working in my studio. It’s always refreshing to bump into friends for a quick run down of our day. Here I’m talking with Susanna Tu, Associate Director at Verge Center For The Arts.
Elevator at WAL. My apartment is on the 6th floor. My daughters like to compare the residence to living in a nice hotel.
 Prepping for a drawing session. Contrary to what some people think, my music selection when I draw is mostly hardcore, thrash, doom metal, etc. (shown is Dopethrone by Electric Wizard). Then I’ll draw, draw, draw, draw, draw. I’ll work for hours, although sometimes I need to take numerous breaks, as my eyes get pretty strained.
 On this particular day, I was doing a live painting for an event at the Crest Theatre. Although drawing my lines is somewhat monotonous, it’s nice that viewers can see the process themselves. In some ways, it validates the time and effort that goes into each painting. In this case, I was able to finish in time to present the 3 foot painting, on-stage, to a receptive audience.
 IMG_0065 IMG_0063 IMG_0062
Dropping off small paintings to Nicole Kern, owner of Plug Club (CLOSED) at 2421 J Street. The shop specializes in body jewelry but also carries oddities, accessories, clothing & lingerie, and in my case, local art.
Photos | Susan Yee