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Know Your Sacramento Makers

It’s that time of year when we shower those around us with gifts of adoration. What’s better than finding the perfect gift for that perfect someone? Shopping local and handmade, of course.

City Scout is proud to host its first ever Made in Sac Holiday Market. We teamed up with several of our favorite Sacramento makers to provide you with an evening full of shopping, holiday treats and workshops beginning every hour.

This season’s market is taking place Thursday, Dec. 17 from 4:30–9 p.m. at Studio 817.

Here is an idea of makers you can expect to find at the market: Best Supply Co.Sweet Dozen | Dear Cub | Fit Face | SquidCam | Pigment & Parchment | The Northern Needle Co Seasons Coffee Roasters | Liquidology | CoachelloveBrown Pigeon | Ejue Studio | Burly Beverages | Sutter Supply Co. | Camp Fire FoodsCopilot Press

Shopping local can be made easy once you’ve familiarized yourself with all of the great options we have available in Sacramento. To introduce a few of our makers, we threw a “makers-only” party and interviewed the individuals behind some of our most anticipated shops.


David Churchill of  Best Supply Co. | @bestsupplyco

Created out of practicality and a longing for something less basic, David Churchill began creating candles after a conversation with a friend about candle quality. Churchill’s shop Best Supply Co. came to fruition when he decided to make things for himself rather than choose from a poor selection of unreasonably priced items. His products, which are intricately scented well beyond the boundaries of floral aromas and vanilla, give candles a new purpose.12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-76 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-73 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-70 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-89What is your favorite project or experience you’ve encountered with your craft?

“My favorite project was making candles for a friend’s wedding. I love helping people make their special days perfect. My favorite experience was a moment a customer shared with me. They purchased a candle from me and came back to share their story with the candle. They lit the candle during the birth of their child and relayed that they will always have that scent memory tied to the birth. The story almost brought out the waterworks for me. I am amazingly blown away with some of the stories people share.”

What is your favorite thing about Sacramento?

“Community! Sacramento is small enough to easily build and create with all kinds of people. I really like meeting other makers and DO’ers. It feels like Sacramento is starting to come together and have more positive momentum than ever before. I’m really looking forward to seeing the collaborations and projects Sacramento has to offer in the coming years.”

What do you have coming up?

“I have an upcoming special collaborative candle with a company in Sacramento. I’m just going to say it’s not a collaboration most people would expect. Also, I want to find some time to make some accessories out of rare and up-cycled textiles. I have a couple new flavors of DIY bitters kits out soon as well. Expect lots of new things in the next year.”

David Churchill’s shop Best Supply Co. provides high-quality scented candles and personal care items at an affordable price for such exquisite quality.


Erica Jue of Ejue Studio | @ejuestudio

Erica Jue of Ejue Studio creates “effortlessly cool jewelry and hand-lettered cards.” Her simple yet elegant designs can be styled up or down to create a customized and finished look. Classic shapes with an edgy spin make her designs the perfect gift for the trendy lady in your life. Her jewelry and hand-lettered cards make her shop a convenient one stop.12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-46 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-51 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-49 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-63Tell us about your process.

Erica: “I love creating pieces that are for everyday wear, but feel special in the small details. A lot of the process for me is experimenting with manipulating fine metal wires into different shapes and seeing where it leads me.”

Is your craft therapeutic for you?

Erica: “Absolutely! Most of my jewelry pieces are hammered by hand and there is nothing more therapeutic than taking out your daily stresses on a piece of metal, especially when the end result is transformed to a beautiful piece of jewelry.”

What is your favorite project or experience you’ve encountered with your craft?

Erica: “My favorite part has been the personal connections I’ve made with people from all over the world, many who I’ve met when I started selling at markets and pop-up shops this summer. It’s so gratifying to meet new people who I can help enhance their individual style with one of my pieces, like my ear crawlers, which have sort of become my signature earrings.”

Stay tuned as Erica Jue of Ejue Studio takes steps toward creating her own personal studio space to craft her jewelry designs.


Jessica Filip of The Northern Needle | @thenorthernneedle

The Northern Needle Co. is a fiber arts shop specializing in tapestry wall hangings. This shop provides unique and beautiful pieces for people’s homes. Shop owner Jessica Filip even does workshops teaching her guests how to weave their own unique tapestries to take home. Her tapestries are handcrafted with different styles, shapes and sizes of fibers and yarn to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Filip’s clever use of textures and color allow her tapestries to quickly become the focal point of any room.12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-10 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-65 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-1312.08.15-KnowYourMakers-21How long have you been doing your craft and what made you start?

“I’ve been weaving since June 2015. I took fiber arts courses in college and have always had a passion for fiber and textiles. Once I started weaving, everything just clicked!”

Tell us about your process.

“The creation process differs for me. Sometimes I’ll design a complete piece before I begin and sometimes I’ll only choose a color formula and let the piece form as it will. It’s always an exciting process!”

What is your favorite thing about Sacramento?

“My favorite thing about Sacramento is the growing makers movement. Since moving here, I’ve met so many awesome people who are really serious about their craft and it’s been so great becoming a part of this community!”

Keep an eye out for future workshops with Jessica Fillip of The Northern Needle.


Greg Cotta of Seasons Coffee Roasters | @seasonscoffee

Seasons Coffee is a fresh brand of coffee here in Sacramento. Located in a warehouse on 19th and Q Street, this company takes pride in loving coffee and sharing their newest findings to give each season a uniquely refreshing feel. Greg Cotta of Seasons Coffee will be appearing at our market, bringing all the liquid gold necessary to keep you fueled well through the new year.12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-107 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-128 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-122 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-134How long have you been doing your craft and what made you start?

“I’m new to the specialty coffee scene! I was working as a local news producer when one of our founders Benza approached me about working for Seasons Coffee as the marketing director. I had spent five years in sports news/broadcasting but figured now to be a great time to take a leap of faith. I hadn’t worked in coffee before, but I have known my Benza since I was a kid… so I dived in. Now I’m here climbing further and further down this rabbit hole, sponging up every bit of knowledge I can find.”

Is your craft therapeutic for you?

“I love brewing and sharing coffee, as well as hand stamping each of our bags. My favorite part of this business has been the opportunity to hold meetings at our warehouse with the most unique range of people I’ve ever worked with, all over a 32 oz. French Press. I’m rather particular when stamping, so sometimes I make it stressful for myself. But I keep doing it so I must find it therapeutic to some degree.”

What’s your favorite thing about Sacramento?

“Its resilience. If you’re from Sacramento, you’ve been made fun of for being from Sacramento and you’ve learned to not care. It’s created quite a magnificent chip on our shoulder. Also, our insistence on never putting ceilings in our restaurants and businesses! It’s not a Sacramento restaurant unless you can see the building’s rafters and HVAC system.”

Seasons Coffee has become a very active participant in the local maker community and has even participated in a few collaborations with other businesses. Follow them on Instagram for the most up-to-date information and announcements of events.

Meagan Lewis of Brown Pigeon | @brownpigeon

Brown Pigeon is a rubber stamp and graphic design shop run by Meagan Lewis, creating hand-carved stamps suitable for any occasion. Her stamps can be ordered for business or personal use with a logo, text or even a photograph. Lewis’s process involves carving into the surface of uncut stamps with linoleum cutters, leaving behind only the design of the desired stamp.12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-38 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-35 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-40 12.08.15-KnowYourMakers-39How long have you been doing your craft and what made you start?

“My passion for stamp making started in college with a printmaking class. I loved the process of carving a design in reverse and then printing it in positive. It challenged me to be pay close attention to details and be patient with the process. I love that once a block or stamp is carved, it can be used an infinite number of times. The process to make the stamp and what the stamp can do are both an art form that continues to inspire me.”

Is your craft therapeutic for you?

“It’s absolutely therapeutic for me, even meditative. It’s a time when I can just concentrate on the craft and appreciate the present. I occasionally listen to music or a podcast while I’m carving, but if I let my mind wander I’m apt to make a mistake. So it’s really a daily practice that helps me stay in the moment!”

What is your favorite project or experience you’ve encountered with your craft?

“The thing I love most about my craft is that I feel I’m producing something that people need. My favorite part is working, collaborating and trading with other local makers and craftspeople. If I get to brainstorm with them how to adapt their logo to a stamp that will get incorporated into their packaging or marketing materials, that’s even better! I’ve made stamps for many local companies such as Andy’s Candy, Cookies and Milk, Shop Compliment and I’ve traded some awesome products. There are no shortage of amazing companies and people here in Sac!”

Be sure to visit Meagan Lewis of Brown Pigeon again for a Holiday Wrapping Night at Ana Apple Sunday, Dec. 20. This event encourages guests to bring in unwrapped gifts to transform into Pinterest-worthy holiday displays.

Now that you learned a bit about a few of our talented makers, we hope you will join us Thursday, Dec. 17 from 4:30 – 9 a.m. for our Made in Sac Holiday Market. You can find more information here.

Stop by Studio 817 located at 817 16th St., Sacramento, California 95814 and check out all of the handcrafted gifts and holiday workshops. By shopping local this holiday season, we can continue to nurture the creative culture that makes Sacramento so great as well as fuel our economy from the inside out.

Photos | Yesenia Lisette