Photos: Stacy Antonopoulos

Sacramento Bookstores to Fit Your Kids’ Personality

Now that the cold weather is officially upon us, we spend a lot more time indoors – often curled up with our favorite book. Though we step outside with no small trepidation, it’s a necessary step to obtaining said books. Sacramento has a great collection of new and used booksellers, each with their own unique vibe. So we’d like to help you to the right bookstore for your kids’ personality (or your own), so you can get back indoors and under the covers as soon as possible.20151229-IMG_2044

The Free Spirit: Almost Perfect Books

The first time I visited Almost Perfect Books in Roseville, I noticed a strange phenomenon: my son, the Type-A version of my offspring, began pacing anxiously immediately upon entering the store. My daughter, the more Type-B iteration, immediately plopped down on the ground, grabbed a nearby book, and started reading. This store is piled from floor to ceiling with books of all types, and while there is a general method of organization, you’re really going to have to be willing to search for a bit. Don’t pop in for a few minutes: trust me, this will take a while. Even if you are more of a Type-A personality, you’ll definitely want to see this place, and if you don’t like to be bothered by pesky little labels, you’ll certainly reach nirvanaJune403

The Social Butterfly: Time Tested Books

This cozy shop not only offers a fine selection of used books and vinyl records, but also hosts a number of events, including signings, readings, and lectures, which are frequently updated on their blog and social media. They are also the official host of the Sacramento Women’s Book Club. Make an appointment to sell or trade in old books and records for credit towards purchases, and start a lifelong relationship. Come by for 2nd Saturday; they stay open late!

The Treasure Seeker: Beers Books

Beers Books is big, it’s bright, and it’s been serving Sacramento for a long, long time. For over seventy years, they have offered Downtown Sacramento one of the best selections of used books, and a good many popular new releases as well. On our most recent visit, we found a number of treasures: a beautiful atlas, a pocket guide to inventions, and an illustrated storybook version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of rare books, or the dollar and under deals placed on the racks outside. One of my favorite books, 100 Years of Solitude, was a mere $o.75!20151229-IMG_2049

The Historian: Barry Cassidy Rare Books

Midtown’s Barry Cassidy Rare Books is truly a collector’s haven. While the other used bookshops definitely have some rare books, Barry Cassidy only offers valuable and hard to find volumes, limited editions,  and collectible ephemera. This is a great place to seek out a thoughtful gift, or to find the first edition of your personal favorite. Their online inventory is frequently updated, so you don’t even have to leave your home.

The Artist: Underground Books

Nestled in historic Oak Park, Underground Books boasts a minimalist aesthetic, tons of cozy seating, and a focus on Afrocentric literature, featuring both classic and contemporary works. Underground Books regularly offers book discussions, children’s’ storytime, and other community events. It is also home to a budding art gallery, known as Forty Acres, featuring forty rotating works by local artists, including student artwork as well as professional exhibitions.

The Multi-Tasker: Dimple Books

Dimple offers a great selection of new books and, even more, an impressive collection of vinyl records and 45’s. And if that’s not enough, you can pop in next door for CD’s, movies, and video games. There’s even a small outlet store around the corner, just follow the pointing finger. Dimple offers something for everyone, without being overwhelming. The kids’ section is one of my favorites, featuring an eclectic mix of curated books. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the in-store music is always crucial.January 541

The Thrifter: The Book Den

Ever wonder where public library books go when they retire? If you haven’t guessed, it’s to The Book Den. We love our public libraries very much, and we visit them often, but sometimes we forget to return books on time. And on some rarer occasions, we misplace them forever. If you are prone to mishaps such as these, then visiting The Book Den might be a good idea for you. Leave with a bag full of books under $10, and if you have a voracious reader at home like I do, your wallet will thank you.20151229-IMG_2060

Photos | Stacy Antonopoulos