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Sacramento-based maker Joe Triglia began Tufarock Design in 2009 with a complementary passion for gardening and an expertise in sculpture and design. His craft is strictly handmade and each piece possesses intricate details that give new breath to the typical house plant. He manufactures unique and beautiful products that blend rustic, organic components with modern, sleek themes that boast something for everybody. Ultimately and most importantly, Tufarock and Triglia’s craft are about love: love of “sculpture, design and the natural world.”cs-30 cs-31 cs-35 cs-25 cs-27

What draws you to your craft?
My craft is extremely therapeutic for me.  Whenever I am feeling a little off I simply step into my studio, turn on some good music and mix up a batch of concrete!

What is your favorite project or experience you have encountered while pursuing your art?
My favorite project to date was creating a series of faux rocks and boulders for a client who was xeriscaping their yard. I was able to use eighty percent reclaimed material in their construction and helped the client save thousands of gallons of water.

Tell us about your process.
In some ways my process is always evolving. I strongly believe that you can always learn more and refine your craft. Once you feel like you are an expert on something you’re never going to grow further. I love experimenting with different mixtures and recipes to achieve new textures and finishes. Every day is an opportunity to learn more and advance my process. cs-42 cs-43

Photos | Julia Maya