Serena Lambert

Jimmy’s Barber Garage

Gone are the days where you could put a bowl on your kid’s head, trim around the edges and call it a haircut. In fact, gone are the days where kids haircuts were the after, afterthought. I mean, if we have kids rocking chambray and skinny jeans we might as well have the haircuts, too. Or, if you have a “big” kid, like me, who mostly insists on athletic gear, and you find yourself deep in synthetics, a fresh cut might help balance out the look. I am not the least bit embarrassed to admit that one of the first things I looked for in Sacramento, after finding their pediatrician, of course, was the perfect spot for a good kid’s chop.Enter Jimmy’s Barber Garage. In the heart of Midtown, the “bad sign, good haircut” place is conveniently located on 24th Street between J and K Streets. Jimmy’s has a long history of serving Sacramento. Since 1959, their family business, even before it was a barber shop, always focused on individualized and independent services. Jimmy’s is clearly a heart and soul kind-of-place that is dedicated to serving the creative culture in Sacramento.

Naturally, we at City Scout Kids knew Jimmy’s had the vibe we liked.. but was it going to work for the little ones in our lives too? Absolutely! It walks that delicate line quite well, truly satisfying all of our “BIG” and “little” needs.Jimmys_3 Jimmys_16 Jimmys_15 Jimmys_17BIG: Convenient 2 hour UNMETERED parking
little: Cozy sitting area complete with a wall of stare-worthy images 

BIG: Complimentary adult beverage option
little: Lollipops!

BIG: Friendly, fast and modern services
little: Cartoons!

BIG: You’re not alone. Sunday’s are great “kid days” at Jimmy’s
little: Look, there are lots of friends my age!

BIG: Easy on the pocket: kid’s cut is $15 bucks!
little: Unadulterated-kid-specific-joy: “hey, I feel great and that was fast!!”

Jimmy’s is the perfect balance between kid-friendly and adult-friendly without that in your face trendy feeling. Its location can not be beaten. Parking is easy enough and with unmetered parking, it gives your kids enough time to test out that new cut on a walk around the block. Hit the classic retro “Rick’s Dessert Diner” around the corner for that super special post cut treat or the always curious and fun “Mixed Bag” store next door.

We all had such a great time at Jimmy’s! Our stylists could not have been nicer or more understanding of our sometimes shy, fidgety feet kiddos. The space is unique and modern with just the right Midtown edge, and the moms literally high fived each other when there wasn’t a Disney themed thing in sight. We took a vote, and my big guy and his kid sister will definitely be back.Jimmys_25

Photos | Serena Lambert