Photos: Nicolette Lovell

Introducing Treehouse Dinners

City Scout and Cobram Estate have come together to introduce Treehouse Dinners. Served family-style, each dinner features a “surprise” menu to account for the variety of talent from our local chefs. But the main focus of this pop-up is the people. Treehouse Dinners aims to reconnect with our community. By inviting fellow Sacramentans to dine together in a home, we hope to create an atmosphere of intimacy and hospitality, a space where genuine connections are made alongside incredible meals.

We sat down with Chef Kevin O’Connor, Cobram Estate Chef to chat more about these dinners.

CS: Why did we decide to name this series Treehouse Dinners?

KO: The Treehouse idea began at my old house. My dining room was on the second floor and it had a view of trees through the windows. I started a “pop-up” with my friends and the idea was to have it feel juvenile and youthful. I wanted the pop-up dinner to constantly evolve (similar to a treehouse, where you add things as you go along.) It was also a tongue-in-cheek name because I was one of the youngest chefs in town and I was targeted as the kid in the industry, so I wanted to name this after something that a kid is known for.

CS: How will the Chefs be incorporated into this series? Other than their cooking of course.

KO: We’ll be picking chefs that are doing really cool stuff in town and bringing them in to figure out how to bring some new dishes to the table. We’ll be picking the brains of each chef to see what inspires them and what gave them their “Aha!” moments in their career and how they formed their ethos surrounding food and cooking.

CS: How do you want to make this differ from the normal pop-up in Sacramento?

KO: You see a lot of pop-up surfacing as a regular part of our food scene that have gotten pretty big and a lot of the time they’re really impersonal. The Treehouse pop-up will be different because we are aiming to make something intimate and bring Pop Ups back to what the original Treehouse Dinners were like: very intimate with a few people that have the chance to share stories. We also want them to leave with the feeling that they made a real connection with everyone who attended.

CS: How similar (and different) will each of the dinners be in comparison to each other?

KO: One thing that will stay the same is the family-style dinner. We want to bring everyone together and keep everybody engaged. The main focus with these dinners will be hospitality and inviting people into your  home. All these dinners will take place inside a home to kind of create that immediate feeling of intimacy and hospitality, but we want each dinner to be different to keep things exciting. So each chef will bring something different and something new to the table.

CS: Why was family-style chosen for these dinners?

KO: We went with family-style to make sure everybody at the table stayed engaged with each other. We don’t want the food to be so over the top that every chef is stressing over multiple courses and trying to tell a story through a long, elaborate tasting menu. We want to deliver simple, feel-good, shareable food to keep the sense of community at the table.

CS: How will beer and wine be used throughout?

KO: We’re definitely going to be drinking a bunch of beer and wine. We want to highlight local beers and wine and bring some really rad stuff to the table. We’re not doing a super involved wine service. We want it to be a free flowing experience with wine, food (and possibly beer) where the community is the highlight of the dinner—and not what drinks are being served.

We’re kicking off Treehouse Dinners on March 9th at 7pm, with more to be announced shortly. Purchase your tickets below. We’re excited to see you there!

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