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We live in a world creating and consuming more content than ever before. Every minute of every day, the world generates nearly three million Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos, and over two hundred million e-mails. There’s a 24-hour news cycle, infinite blog posts, and an entire history of music that you can now stream instantly from your phone.

We’ve quickly become a scrolling culture, hurriedly swiping through an infinite swath of content that seems to replenish without end.

Dissect was created to counter this cultural shift.

After too often feeling exhausted and unfulfilled from binging  my daily digital diet, I wanted to create a platform that forced me to think critically, not passively. I wanted to spend hours with one thing, not a few minutes with a zillion things. And I wanted to reward artists who, in the face of our new consumption habits, continue to craft their work with care, complexity and depth.

And so, Dissect was born: a serialized music podcast that provides long form musical analysis broken into short, digestible episodes. We’ll take our time dissecting pieces of music measure-by-measure, word-by-word until we reach a full understanding of a piece of art.

The first season of Dissect is dedicated entirely to hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-award winning album To Pimp a Butterfly. We’ll explore one song per episode, breaking down its lyrical and musical content, while also analyzing each song’s contribution to the album’s overall narrative arc.

To Pimp a Butterfly is an incredibly rich record that documents Lamar’s personal transformation from caterpillar to butterfly while framing that narrative within a larger context of the African-American community’s place in contemporary society.

I love everything about this record. It’s daring. It’s honest. It’s incredibly smart, truly intricate, and extremely relevant. Like a Kubrick film or Basquiat painting, it’s the kind of work that begs, deserves – no, demands to be examined again and again.

I hope you join me in dissecting this album. Because great art deserves more than a swipe.

Here’s a quick intro. Let us know what you think!