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We might not want to believe it, but we all know that working out just isn’t going to deliver results if we eat like every day is cheat day. In order to perform at our best, we need a balanced diet, a healthy mental state, and a good workout, yeah? Well, that’s the vision behind the new wellness gym that recently popped up in Curtis Park.

With a focus on holistic wellness and a small gym feel, Inspired Wellness looks to provide a different gym experience where the whole person is cared for. Yes, you’ll get a damn good sweat, but you’ll also walk away with a new fitness family and the support needed to tackle all areas of wellness. With a strong sense of accountability and options for additional private coaching, Inspired Wellness not only sets you up for success, they cheer you on all the way to your goal.

We joined an Inspired Wellness class and the environment speaks volumes to the community they’ve fostered. It truly is a “come as you are” gym with such a diverse group of people coming together and sharing their fitness journey. A sharp contrast to the large gym experience where many avoid conversation and walk around with headphones on, Inspired Wellness members feed off the energy of each other as they follow the circuit. There’s this energy in the room that screams, we can do it. The community extends outside of the gym with smoothie socials, Zumba, and book club. Yes, you read that right, smoothie socials.

Inspired Wellness is a gym where the priority is placed on progress over perfection and community over everything. You can feel that truth when you walk into the studio and it’s clear that the staff breathes it into every class. The teachers are both motivational and approachable. They are friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and genuinely want to create an experience that inspires, uplifts, and makes you feel alive.

We asked the Inspired Wellness team to share about their vision, the Get Fit Challenge, and what sets them apart.

What is the vision behind Inspired Wellness?

We believe in the whole self, that everything is connected. There is no “random” ailment. When our mind and body are not aligned, it spills over into daily life. We believe in exercise for hormonal balance, improvement of various health markers (blood pressure, blood sugar, to name a couple), mental health, and of course, weight loss. But weight loss is the icing, looking good but FEELING terrible does NOT have to be your reality! You CAN have both.

In addition to intense boot camp classes, we offer semi-private and private personal training. This includes a comprehensive intake process where we learn everything there is to know about the client. We work on proper body mechanics, take the client through a nutritional cleanse (real, healthy food that helps them shed weight while also shedding headaches, bloating, fatigue, insomnia, and more) and check-in often to ensure the program is tailored to their specific needs.

We also go on-site for corporate wellness and help companies get their staff to a healthier place through exercise, nutrition, and coaching similar to what we do at the studio. This has a profound effect on work performance, attendance, and overall morale and company culture.

Tell us about your Get Fit Challenge.

Formerly called our Cleanse30 program, 3 times a year we take 25 participants on a journey of self-discovery through a shift in real food nutrition, balanced exercise and 1-1 coaching via our Get Fit Challenge. It sells out every season and we are now in our 14th season! People lose weight, and they GAIN a new sense of food and lifestyle freedom. The level of coaching is intense in a good way. You’ll interact with a coach primarily via text message daily and address the things holding you back from shifting to a lifestyle. The accountability factor makes it incredibly hard to slack off. Your coach is there every step of the way to make sure you come out victorious on the other side.

Who are you looking to reach?

Our ideal client is someone who wants to shift their life for the better and maintain it long term. They don’t like quick fixes, and they crave a close-knit fitness community where we all lift each other up. We are anti-clique. We want everyone to feel welcome and for no one to feel like it’s high school all over again. No thanks!

With Youtube and access to “wellness coaches” all over the internet/social media, what sets you apart?

I love the quote “No one is you and that is your power.” There will always be the next big thing, and at the end of the day, we are all doing something fairly similar. But others in our field will never do it the way we do it because they aren’t us. They won’t put the spin that we put on it. We owe it to the world to share our passion and expertise with all those willing to listen and ready to change their life. For a lot of people, we will be their first experience with fitness and nutrition. That is powerful, and that means we must keep forging on because there are more than enough people to inspire on planet earth even with all that’s available. It comes down to making a personal connection on both ends. Kinda like, when your vibes mesh up with their vibes, and you create this wonderful, synergistic experience where you help someone elevate beyond their wildest dreams, magic happens, and it’s amazing to watch and be part of.

A holistic wellness experience, genuine community, motivational and caring teachers, AND smoothie socials? Are we missing anything for the perfect gym? If small gyms aren’t your thing, we highly recommend giving it a try. You might be surprised. In fact, try 10 days free on us!

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