Humani Pilates

If you are new to Pilates or just looking for a place to continue your practice, look no further than Humani Pilates in Midtown. Upon walking into the studio, you’ll feel totally “zenned out”. Studio owner Maria Bardet will greet you with a warm smile and a warm cup of tea, literally. Maria has warm tea brewing every class! From the industrial decor to the white brick walls, the studio has a calm and peaceful feel. All the equipment is clean and in tip-top shape! You will feel right at home.

It’s obvious that studio owner Maria is not only passionate about Pilates but a guru. She takes the time to study her clients and explain the posture and purpose of each movement during the workout. Out of curiosity, we asked her what Humani meant and why she chose that for the studio’s name. Maria explained that Humani is Latin for “human body”. The inspiration for naming her studio came from a series of books written on human anatomy from the 1500s, titled, “De humani corporis fabrica”.  After all, Pilates is the art of controlled movements, so naturally Humani Pilates was a perfect fit!Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-27 Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-28 Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-12 If you’ve never tried pilates because the thought of jumping on those weird looking machines intimidates you, let us put you at ease. They are much more simple to use than they seem! It may take a little coordination and a bit of focus, but we assure you learning the art of pilates is completely doable. If you’re still not buying into the experience, Humani offers a free intro class that is perfect for first timers! After just one class with Maria, you will be able to use the Reformer worry free.

We like using Pilates as a supplemental workout during the week (2 maybe 3 times a week). The Reformer and Pilates chair offer a unique style of workout that will tone and work tiny muscles you didn’t even know you had. The machines stretch your overused muscles while working your core in every single exercise. A strong core not only offers a slim waistline but good posture and a strong lower back as well. After taking just one class at Humani, we were sore to the core the next day. Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-6 Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-9Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-17 Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-15Humani classes are divided into three levels – titled Machines 1, 2, and 3. Machines 1 introduces traditional Pilates work, Machines 2 involves intermediate to advanced exercises and Machines 3 is Humani’s advanced class for students to practice Pilates at the highest level! The classes are listed as:

Joy – Machines 1
Balance – Machines 1
Aroma Joy – Machines 1
Energy – Machines 2
Bliss – Machines 3
Machines 101 – Free intro class
Release + Stretch – All Levels
Pilates Reboot – All Levels
Pre/Post Natal Pilates

If you are looking for a great class to break a small sweat and lengthen and strengthen your muscles, Pilates is for you. Whether you’re a Pilates pro or new to the practice, there is a class for everyone. You can find more information on the classes offered at Humani here.Alina Tyulyu - 5.13 - Humani & Fit Meets Fab - Alina_-13This quiet studio is tucked in Sacramento’s Midtown on 20th and I Street. Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve a spot!

Photos | Alina Tyulyu