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To kick off our Home Series, we ventured to a bright and airy home nestled between Highway 50 and the American River. Wanting to get a better understanding of the people behind its design, we sat down with Joshua and Michaela to chat about their style, personality, and overall aesthetic.

So, without further ado, here’s their profile.Homeowners: Joshua & Michaela
Location: Carmichael
Occupations: Barista/blogger, photographer/graphic designer
Featured rooms: Dining room, bedroom, living room
Favorite home-goods store: IKEA
Aesthetic: “Minimalism meets honey”

Dining Room

“The thing we really wanted to focus on in our home was the natural light. There are great big windows in our space that set the perfect tone for a bright and cheery day, letting in just the right amount of light.”


“The next thing we wanted to focus on was the use of storage and space. We have a moderately small apartment for the three of us, so space-saving and minimal design are required. Keeping things minimal really helps our busy, growing family maintain a calm and relaxing living space.”

Living Room

“The third, and most important, thing we wanted to highlight was our art. Throughout the home, we’ve filled the walls with my wife’s art. She’s a graphic designer, photographer, and artist. When we were shopping for furniture and decor, she couldn’t quite find the right art to fill up our space, so she did what she always does and created it. Each piece is crafted thoughtfully by hand and is one of a kind.”

(Michaela’s prints and designs are available for purchase here.)

To catch a few more glimpses of Joshua and Michaela’s home, you can follow Joshua on Instagram.

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