Photos: Evelyn Popov

Home: Christina

For the second installment of our Home Series, we went over to Madison Meadows in North Highlands to meet up with Christina. Inspired by distant travel and Scandinavian design, Christina’s home is set apart by a distinct style that pays homage to history and architecture.

To give you a better understanding of what that looks like, here’s her profile.

Homeowner: Christina
Location: North Highlands
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom/florist
Featured rooms: Living room, guest bathroom, and dining nook
Favorite home-goods store: Goodwill
Aesthetic: “Kinfolk meets Scandinavian minimalism”

Living Room

“This is where the eclectic part of our lives are molded together. It’s where Roman plays his guitar, where we sit and watch videos on our phones, and where Liam busts out his Thomas the Tank Engine and rides around. It’s where we usually have tea after dinner with guests. It’s the first thing you see when you enter, and it’s what I feel a house is supposed to be: comfortable and warm.”

Guest Bathroom

“This is where I wash Liam’s mischief away. The light is perfect and soft, and I think it’s a pretty cool setup.”

Dining Room

“Food is important… and we love it.”

To see some of Christina’s design inspiration, check out @kon_tam, @sannehop, and @saarmanche on Instagram.