Hawk’s Provisions + Public House

Though Granite Bay isn’t as far away as it sometimes feels, it’s just far enough to slip our minds in the midst of all this change on the grid. Fortunately,  you can now skip the drive because we have a small piece of Granite Bay sitting on Alhambra Boulevard. Hawk’s Restaurant, a Granite Bay staple, was experiencing some serious FOMO and, lucky for us, opened a new location right here in Sacramento. Hawk’s Provisions + Public House opened its doors a few months back, and we finally stopped in to check it out and chat with chef and owner, Mike Fagnoni.

Hawk’s Provisions + Public House is all about good food enjoyed in a comfortable setting. Fagnoni and his team are passionate about providing people with excellent food whether they are on their lunch break from the hospital or celebrating a special event. The gastro-pub style restaurant doesn’t cling to any one type of cuisine, but rather gathers menu inspiration from local produce and kitchen talk.3-2-16 HAWKS andre133-2-16 HAWKS andre3Let’s talk menu: Hawk’s has an option for every hunger level ranging from unsure to hangry. The Public House offers snacks, appetizers, entrees, and a full bar. With endless combinations, you can stop in for a drink and grilled calamari or — what with lunch, dinner, and brunch offerings — you can spend the whole day in a food paradise. The drink menu alone can keep you occupied for some time with a tempting list of local beer, wine, and handcrafted Hawk-tails. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something to bring to the office or you’re just in the mood to grab and go, Hawk’s Provisions is but 3 skips away and offers an array of quick and delicious fare. From cappuccinos and rosemary scones to bergamot iced tea and fried chicken sandwiches, this little beauty proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.3-2-16 HAWKS andre10 3-2-16 HAWKS andre25 3-2-16 HAWKS andre21 3-2-16 HAWKS andre39Since we’ve all but promised that Hawk’s offers an environment for every occasion, we’ll take it upon ourselves to shuffle you in the right (is there a wrong?) direction when it comes to choosing between Provisions and Public House. While we do consider ourselves curating experts, you are not bound to this list — there truly is no wrong choice.

Business meeting → happy hour at the bar | PUBLIC HOUSE
Anniversary → drinks and dinner | PUBLIC HOUSE
Morning coffee → coffee and pastries | PROVISIONS
Birthday → beer and snacks | PUBLIC HOUSE
Mild first date → pick up sandwiches and head to the park | PROVISIONS
Ambitious first date → drinks and appetizers at the bar before dinner | PUBLIC HOUSE
Lunch break → salad and a beverage to go | PROVISIONS
Taking the in-laws out → weekend brunch | PUBLIC HOUSE
Catching up with friends → mid-day wine and snacks | PUBLIC HOUSE

That’s it. You are fully prepared to become this hot spot’s next regular. Hawk’s Provisions + Public House serves lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, Saturday for dinner, and Sunday for brunch and dinner. Happy House every weekday from 2:30pm-6:00pm. Hawk’s is located at 1525 Alhambra Blvd in Sacramento.


Photos | Andre Elliott