Fitness Rangers

Calling all fitness fanatics and exercise enthusiasts. If you are looking to transform your body, get in shape, and have fun doing it; look no further than Fitness Rangers. This gym offers much more than your average workout space. Choose from a wide variety of fitness classes, personal training sessions, or just head into their open gym to take your own workouts to the next level.

Walking into the Fitness Rangers gym, we were greeted by an incredibly warm and welcoming staff. They offered us sweat towels to use at our disposal, hinting at what our Bootcamp class had in store. “The Fitness Rangers staff takes pride in their Bootcamp classes,” says owner Adam Attia. And after taking just one class we understood exactly why… this is one killer, full-body, _mg_7913_mg_7852We rotated back and forth from the treadmill to the weight floor for 50 grueling minutes. Though, we must say that those 50 minutes flew by with a well-orchestrated circuit of jumping, squatting, lifting, and running. Another thing we like a lot about the workout is that you can modify it to fit your personal fitness needs. Running or walking, lifting 10lb or 25lb dumbbells, you have the freedom to push the workout to your desired intensity. But be forewarned, these Bootcamp classes are intense! They are fast paced and will test your cardiovascular and muscular abilities. If you are one who likes to push your limits, Bootcamp is for you!

Bootcamp is not the only class that Fitness Rangers offers. Adam and his staff offer top-of-the-line personal training services as well as a variety of additional classes to choose from: Barre, Bootcamp, Boxing/Kickboxing, HIIT, Spin, Yoga/Pilates. Click here to see the full schedule!

We sweated our way through testing out these classes and were thoroughly impressed. Molly O’Connell’s Cardio Barre class held on Thursday afternoons at 4:30pm and Friday mornings at 8:30AM is no joke. It’s a full-body toning experience that will leave your thighs screaming. Our legs were shaking, glutes were burning, and abs were tightening with each and every move. Barre workouts are typically low impact and target the lower body. Molly’s Cardio Barre class pumps up the power by adding plyometrics, numerous plank variations, and arm toning exercises. As we noted earlier, Fitness Rangers offer’s Barre classes daily as well, check out the schedule here. _mg_7964_mg_7955If you are looking for something that’s lower impact, we suggest trying a Spin, Yoga, Barre or Pilates class. These workouts look to strengthen your body without harsh impact. If you prefer a more intense class, without the running that Bootcamp requires, Fitness Rangers’ high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is a perfect fit! HIIT focuses on mobility, strength, and high-intensity interval training (a key to fat burning). Heavyweights and short rests are sure to spike your heart rate. And if that’s not enough, Fitness Rangers offers boxing and kickboxing classes as another way to encourage your heart rate to climb, and to blow off a little steam too.

We feel one of the biggest selling points of Fitness Rangers is that with an unlimited membership you can take advantage of the group fitness classes, and utilize the open gym equipment too. They offer everything from treadmills, exercise bikes, StairMasters, rowers, and ellipticals, as well as all the weightlifting and resistance equipment you can imagine._mg_7810 _mg_7991Yep, that’s right. For under $199 a month, you can attend a yoga, barre, Bootcamp, spin, boxing class, and utilize the 8,000 square foot space chock-full of the best equipment. This gym provides one-stop shopping for those that don’t want multiple memberships but do want variety in their workouts. Oh, and did we mention that Fitness Rangers also provides other services like nutrition consultations, childcare, massages, corporate training, showers with towels, and Kids Unplugged (fitness classes for kids). Score!

Fitness Rangers does it right. It’s really hard to compare this gym to anything else on the market. They offer a state of the art facility, top tier instructors, and enough fitness classes to never truly get bored (physically or mentally). Plus, they give you the ability to bring your kids along. If it were up to us, we’d spend our entire day at Fitness Rangers. We will have to settle for dropping in a few hours a week to get our butts kicked at one of our favorite Sacramento gyms.

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